Black rock medical clinic

Black rock medical clinic

At Black Rock Medical Clinic our aim is to provide the best in patient care no matter the age. "Excellence in community care" will always be our goal.

Medical Clinic offering a variety of services including non emergency medical and minor surgical intervention.

That hazy band going through the middle of this photo may be what is responsible for your dry cough , itchy eyes and runny nose recently. The Saharan dust consists of micro particles that travel thousands of kilometers over the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean islands , originating from the Sahara dessert these particles can cause upper respiratory tract symptoms such as runny nose, 🤧 sneezing and a sore throat and can cause a major symptom flare in those with allergies , sinusitis and asthma #saharadust #sinusitis #allergies #medicalknowledge #respiratory #respiratoryconditions #knowledgeispower #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

Whether it’s a sprinkle of salt on fruits , or vegetables like cucumber or pudding and souse , or a ham cutter , most people’s daily intake can be consumed by one meal or one snack sometimes. The DAILY limit is one teaspoon , and here’s something to note , Afro Caribbeans 👩🏿‍🦱👨🏾‍🦱 are salt sensitive which means that even in small quantities it can lead to high blood pressure in the Long term, now you know why your mother, father and great grandparents may have had hypertension . You can reduce your risk by simply being aware of the amount of salt you take in daily, check the food label of all purchased foods including drinks, it’s shown as “ sodium” on the back of packaged items #medicalknowledge #healthylifestyle #foodforthought #who #saltintake #hypertension #balanceddiet #knowledgeispower #blackrockmedicalclinic

Help us Remove the stigma , routine healthcare care simply refers to any group of tests or interventions done to either prevent or detect / disease with the aim at providing the best health care should a condition be detected #hiv #gettestedtoday #healthylifestyle #medicalknowledge #blackrockmedicalclinic

A happy international women’s day to all women of all ages today #internationalwomensday #blackrockmedicalclinic

Who knows their status 🙋‍♀️, #didyouknow that thanks to the amazing help of science your partner doesn’t have to be hiv postive if you are . We all know about condoms, however there is medication that an hiv person can take daily to significantly reduce the risk of passing hiv on to the negative partner. Also available , is a pill that hiv negative persons can take to reduce their risk of contracting the virus . Know your options , and if you don’t ask your doctor #hiv #happyvalentinesday #healthandwellness #stophivtogether #blackrockmedicalclinic

Identifying a stroke early and seeking immediate treatment sometimes can be the difference between life and death or severe mobility impairment. Certain people are at risk of a stroke more so than others , these include poorly controlled diabetes or hypertension , high cholesterol , smoking and a family history of strokes or heart attacks . However there’s a window period that exists between the signs of a stroke and irreversible damage , and if you can get the person to the emergency department swiftly the damage to the brain may be minimized #stroke #knowthesigns #health #healthandwellness #blackrockmedicalclinic #nih

This number varies from region to region , however in Barbados breast, cervical and prostate all cause significant deaths and in particular pain if it is in the final stages ( stage 4). Therefore providing pain relief is of utmost importance to a person suffering from cancer. Many drs are trained and qualified to administer this type of treatment, so that you or your relative never journeys alone #who #medicalknowledge #worldcancerday #palliativecare #cancer #knowledgeispower #blackrockmedicalclinic

This seems random ... but with carnival season approaching and with the various earphones / AirPods/ technology available it’s easy to gradually lose your sense of hearing .... and it’s hardly detectable because it’s gradual . The sad part is this type of hearing loss is usually irreversible however the good part is that it is also EASILY preventable . Just bear this chart in mind when you’re tempted to turn the music up on your favourite song #hearingloss #medicaleducation #medicalknowledge #knowledgeispower #healthandwellness #blackrockmedicalclinic

Is it a #cold or #flu? It’s difficult to tell the difference at times but they are some key differences , the flu tends to make you ill generally with high fevers , muscle soreness or pain all over the body with fatigue and lost of appetite.... the cold tends to be less severe and the reason elders call it a “ head cold” is due to the symptoms being confined to the head, so sneezing, runny nose and cough is common. If you have any doubts please see your physician , especially if you have #asthma or any other lung or chronic diseases, are very young or old #medicalknowledge #knowledgeispower #fluseason #blackrockmedicalclinic #dailydose

Different types mean different treatment methods. With type 1 your body doesn’t make insulin , which is necessary for glucose to enter every cell in your body and provide the energy to conduct day to day activities and cell function... type 2 means that you have insulin being produced however the level is too LOW or your body is RESISTANT to the insulin ( increased body fat makes your body resistant to the insulin ) Lastly gestational diabetes is present ONLY in pregnancy and means that your body has difficulty utilizing glucose efficiently , this usually resolves after the baby is born however a small percentage of women go on to have type 2 diabetes . Based on the TYPE then there’s a variety of pills 💊💊or insulin 💉💉that can be prescribed #medicalknowledge #medicaleducation #educationiskey #dailydose #diabetes #blackrockmedicalclinic

Just having diabetes alone predisposes you to conditions of the eye, kidney, brain , heart , nerves and many others , however if your glucose ( sugar) levels are maintained within normal ranges this risk is significantly reduced or eliminated . Here are some simple ways to keep healthy and better manage your diabetes #diabetes #health #healthandwellness #medicaleducation #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

#didyouknow that if you’re vaccinated against the flu whilst pregnant that your baby will be for a couple months after birth? This is an added benefit as newborns are susceptible to colds / flus in the first 3 months of life due to an immature immune system . Pregnant Mothers are also at increased risk of flu complications due to a relative immunodeficiency state that naturally occurs with pregnancy 👶🤱🤰#flushot #medicalknowledge #medicine #who #knowledgeispower #fluvaccine #blackrockmedicalclinic

If you’ve had repeated, one sided , pulsating and excruciatingly painful headaches worsened by movement , you may be suffering from migraines, some people even have visual (👁) changes , auditory ( 👂) , or olfactory ( 👃) prior to the migraine called an aura. Those who experience auras get a heads up to let them know that a migraine is about to occur soon 🧠 #migraines #headaches #neurology #medicaleducation #typeofheadaches #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic


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The prefect snack or meal replacement , mangoes are not only packed with vitamins and antioxidants which help to prevent cancer but they also contain lots of fiber , so it’s quite common to feel full after eating a mango or two , that means that not only will you have regular bowel movements bit it’s very useful for those who are dieting. The riper they get the greater the sugar content so if sugar is an issue for you either decrease the amount or eat them when half ripe #summer #summerinthetropics #mangoseason #mango #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

If you have high blood pressure it can be one of the scariest conditions simply because all of your organs could be at risk of damaged yet you feel perfectly fine .... until it’s too late of course, there’s no cure for hypertension but sufficient medications exist to maintain normal blood pressure levels in some one who has high blood pressure . This picture shows the complications of untreated or undertreated hypertension : Strokes , damage to the eye which leads to loss of vision ( retinopathy ) , damaged blood vessels ( peripheral vascular disease ), kidney failure ( renal failure), irreversible heart damage ( lvh, chd, HF) so don’t get forget to take your blood pressure meds #hypertension #highbloodpressure #medicaleducation #knowledgeispower #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

Have you ever been to a fete and afterwards it seems as though your ear is clogged? That’s because loud sound over a prolonged period of time can destroy the small hair like fibers in the inner ear which aid in transmitting sound ... the result? Mild to moderate hearing loss , luckily this type of hair loss can recover but if insults occur continuously it can become permanent. Crop over season events are in full swing ! We don’t expect you to pop in some ear plugs mid fete😅 but you can allow some distance between you and the speaker or position yourself behind the speaker and if you notice persistent hearing loss see a dr #earhealth #cropover #tinnitus #hearingloss #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

Some examples of processed foods would be sausage, ham, bacon, “luncheon meat” , “corn beef” , RAMEN, frozen dinners etc etc but not all processed foods are bad. Pre chopped fruits or vegetables in their own juices are an example of food processed foods but you must first know in order to make an informed decision #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #processedfood #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

But hold tight because THIS Monday we have a very exciting announcement to make 🤫🤫🤫 #blackrockmedicalclinic #dailydose

The cause of intense neck and back pain, commonly known as a “slipped disc” or herniated disc occurs when the disc that provides a soft cushion between the bones of your spine shift . Our spine is made up of many bones , with a disc between each , the spinal bones protect the spinal cord , however they’re nerves that exit through the bones which provide sensation to all over the body , when a disc “slips “ it presses on these nerves that exit the spine and, causes swelling and irritation of the nerve , which you interpret as pain. This type of pain , is notoriously difficult to treat with medical intervention only, most times surgery is needed to provide long term pain relief #neurosurgery #herniateddisc #backpain #neckpain #neckpainrelief #spine #medicaleducation #medicalknowledge #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

when drs say drink “8 glasses a day” what we really mean is “ eat foods with enough water that’ll measure up to 8 glasses a day “ drinking that much fluid every single day can be very difficult for the typical person who is either constantly working or on the go, or those who have a hectic schedule generally, fruits are an easy and tasty way to bump up the water intake, it’s the rainy season in the Caribbean so that means lots of mangoes, plums and ackees !! Eat up!! Or should we say drink up!! #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits #fruits #mangoes #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

It was at this very moment that your dad contributed the most important thing ..... your life ...we wish all fathers and fathers-to-be a HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!!! #fathersday #happyfathersday #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

For some blood is the difference between life and death , if everyone donates the blood bank would have a constant stock of all units , you would be helping those in need today but if you or a family member should ever need blood the blood bank would have a stock to give to them as well #donatenow #worldblooddonorday #blackrockmedicalclinic #dailydose

This is what us doctors see when we look into the back of your eyes , well minus the big red blob in the upper left corner , cuz that’s a bleed which isn’t normal , bleeds in the back of the eye cause sudden painless vision loss ( I know scary ) and sadly it’s irreversible, once the vision is gone , it’s gone. So who gets these and can it be prevented ? Mostly diabetics and hypertensives , when you have very high blood sugars or blood pressures this causes chemicals to be released which triggers the growth of extra vessels behind your eye 👀 but you’d think the more the merrier right? WRONG 😔 because these vessels are growing haphazardly and they’re thin and frail they burst easily and cause bleeds , which in turn can lead to retinal detachment and sudden vision loss ..... so what We want everyone to take from this post is that if you’re DIABETIC OR HYPERTENSIVE make sure you have the back of your eyes checked yearly by your doctor , optometrist or the “eye specialist “ #diabeticretinopathy #hypertensiveretinopathy #awareness #retinalbleed #preventionosbetterthancure #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

Pleasing to the eyes and to the stomach but more importantly to your health 🍍🥑🍅🥝 #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #fruits #antioxidants #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

Ok we’ll admit , we don’t know the song but what we do know is The Bee Gees song “ staying alive” and that’s literally the beat you want to keep when performing chest compressions on someone. For adults who require resuscitation , the most important step is the power and rhythm of the chest compressions , this alone could help save a life if done correctly, so next time you find yourself resuscitating someone remember that bee gees song and sing along “ ha ha ha ha staying alive staying alive” 👍🏼 #savealife #bls #cardiacarrest #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

Please take note , Dr Carrington’s Office will remain open tomorrow from 8am to 4 pm #blackrockmedicalclinic #dailydose

It isn’t always easy to choose the healthier options in this fast pace world, accessible , quick food options tend to always be unhealthy or healthier options are expensive and meal planning and prepping isn’t always the easiest either , although all of this may be true where there’s a will there’s a way. Take it one step and day at a time and if you become unmotivated envision the NEGATIVE consequences , this is probably the only time that focusing on “negativity” actually does good for you. Never let a lack of education or misinformation cause you to have a less than desirable quality of life 20, 30, 40 years down the road, healthy living is possible and you can do it !! #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #medicalknowledge #knowledgeispower #healthystart #healthyend #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

Know the signs , it’s that time of the year where asthma attacks occur easily and quite often , outside is dry, plants and fruit trees are blossoming , endless bush fires etc. If you or a relative suffer from asthma seek medical attention once you begin to wheeze OR become short of breath OR experience chest tightness. On the way to the doctor use your ventolin ( blue rescue ) inhaler Asthma is an easily reversible condition but death can also occur quickly if the right precautions are not taken #knowthesigns #education #medicalknowledge #asthmaawareness #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

The only way to really know your status is by getting tested .Not getting tested doesn’t mean that you’re negative, and if the results are positive they’re so many medications available to help you live a happy, LONG and fulfilling life , BUT, you must #knowyourstatus #hivawareness #gettestedtoday #doingit #hiv #dailydose #blackrockmedicalclinic

Simple but effective! Sepsis occurs when bacteria enters the bloodstream and causes a cascade of events that affects your organs and their ability to function. Just follow these simple steps to reduce the risk #dailydose #sepsis #sepsisawareness #blackrockmedicalclinic

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