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Yummy Mummies

Healthy lunch delivery in BIMSHIRE .Vegan desserts! Yummy Mummies provides the balance between your sweet tooth and health.

Operating as usual

Vegan poke bowl with sriracha mayo,forbidden black rice and all the greens!

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Private group/solo cooking classes have offically started!

🍃Let me teach you a few dishes which you can use to switch up weekend/weeknight meals.

🍃Let me teach you life saving and waist snatching healthy cooking techniques for a healthier you!

🍃Let me teach you meal prepping tips so you stay on track.

🍃Let mr provide you with the recipes of the meals we make together!

🍃Let me provide you with a supermarket list for an easy plant based lifestyle and all the best places to shop for local produce!

🍃 Let me show you how to make healthier plant- based versions of your favourite desserts!

🍃Let me HELP you be a better YOU!

🍃This isnt about blind conversion.This is about sharing my knowledge on how you can incorporate more plantbased foods into your lifestyle using local produce!

DM to secure your spot for September.

September Spots available September 11th,12th,18th,19th,25th,26th.

#yummymummies #cookingclasses #plantbasedbarbados #healthieryou #eatwellfeelwell #lifeinbalance

Protein and fibre rich blackbean meatballs made with homemade bbq sauce and served with organic rice noodles.
Perfect for the kids,perfect for adults!


1 pkg soaked black beans boiled till soft.
1 medium onion
2 small pods garlic
1 large bunch parsley
2 tbsp paprika
Salt and pepper to taste

3 tbsp Flaxseed ground
6 tbsp water

1/4 cup oat flour

*In a food processor chop onion,garlic and parsley finely.
Add drained black beans and continue and a slight paste forms.

*Set aside black blean mixture in a bowl.

*Mix flax seed and water and set aside to jell.

*Add oat flour and flax jell to blackbean mixture and season to taste with paprika,salt and pepper.

*Roll 'meatballs' and refrigerate overnight to firm up.

*When preparing,saute lightly in coconut oil.
*Use your favourite bbq sauce slightly thinned out with water to glaze over 'meatballs'.

*Place meatballs glazed with bbq sauce in broiler for 5-7 minutes.

*Serve with your favourite spaghetti!
We used brown rice gluten free!

#yummymummies #plantbasedbarbados #lifeinbalance #vegansinbim #eatwellfeelwell #kidslunch #mealprep #eatwithapurpose

This ceviche with hearts of palm,edamame and sweet potato is so satisfying with its spicy kick and and citrus bang!🍋🍋.
Low carb and high protein..that's the way we do it!

#plantbasedbarbados #eatwelllivewell #eatwithapurpose #yummymummies🍃🌱🌿 #lifeinbalance #alwaysdressedtokale

Omg how aren't more people on this plant-based journey with me?

It is soo soo good....
Having consistent energy,refuelling your body after challenging workouts,feeling and looking great!

Wow ! And all while getting one step closer to protecting our 🌍.

Well you are in luck!
I'm currently working on a plant-based programme to launch in October which will provide ONLY 10 lucky people with the know how on how not only to make yummy plant-based meals but maintain a plant-based, sustainable lifestyle.

What will you receive?

*video tutorial(s) on how we can replace dairy/meat products with natural plant-based alternatives
*supermarket grocery lists
*one on one cooking demo with 1 of your favourite recipes provided from your recipe collection.

Reserve your spot now!

#plantbasedinbarbados #yummymummies #eatwithapurpose #lifeinbalance #vegansinbim
#eatwelllivewell #plantbasedjourney


Hey Mamas!
Welcome to Cocktail Garden.

A place where we can escape , have a drink and eat some nourishing food!
Bonus- we are exchanging plants also .
Yes you read correctly,we all bring and exchange plants,share tips and bond under everything green.
On Saturday November 28th, 2020, we will be catered to by Yummy Mummies with some great food and cocktails.
No you don’t have to be a mama of plants , children, or pets .You can simply want to start a garden ,share and receive knowledge on plants and/or relax with like feminine energy.
Spaces are limited. WhatsApp 260-7432 t/2655217 to reserve your spot!
Admission $80.00 & a plant of your choice for the gift exchange.
Who wouldn’t love to sip on a Bellini and relax? We look forward to seeing you there!🙂🥂🍾

Challenge accepted.

Many of us whether carnivorous,pescatarian,plant-based or flexitarian can benefit from herbs and greens in our diet but when transitioning to a fully plant-based diet it is essential to include more #herbs into our diet as we absorb our most essential nutrients from herbs.

All herbs are amazing and nutrient dense but here are a few examples of my favourite:

Parsley is high in vitamins K, C, and A. Rich in enzymes and anti-oxidants that aids digestion . Parsley helps cleanse the kidneys and sweetens the breath; contains a good source of flavonoids (especially luteolin), beta-carotene, folate and iron.

Basil is delicious, dspecially in Italian dishes; the main ingredient in Italian Pesto sauces. Used for centuries for health benefits and to season food; contains vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium(a nutrient most people dont get much of)

Cilantro is also called Chinese Parsley or Coriander. Coriander is often used in Indian dishes; contains a good source of iron, magnesium, vitamins A and C.

Sage is high in vitamin K. Held as a great tonic, and an antibiotic, an anti-fungal, an astringent, and an antispasmodic.
I enjoy sage Tea especially!!!

In the photo above I mixed Kale,parsley and cilantro as a base for my quinoa Tabbouleh !
Great way to get those nutrients in and just a touch of lemon juice makes all the difference to the kale(removing some bitterness ) giving it a crisp taste!


When #Covid19 hit Barbados and we went on shutdown I think I can say with confidence that it was more than a challenging time for all of us!
The new normal that presented itself left many of us feeling lost,mentally exhausted and fearful of the unknown.

We all dealt with these emotions differently.
One way our family dealt with it was by art.
My husband painted this accent wall in our home...a warm and calming grey that just sets the mood for relaxation.
We all started to paint to express ourselves on Canvas( so so fun but that's another post😋)

I had the time to really focus on preparing my kids #plantbased meals to reintroduce and introduce new herbs and green vegetables.

I found comfort in some items with sentimental value like this pillow.

Having time on my hands left my mind wondering many nights(not always positive) .
My granny always comforted me with her wisdom and she sewed and sold these pillows and I swear when I hold them close I always remember her and instantly feel better.
Listen, I don't have all the answers but here is some advice.

As our flights have opened and the anxiety sets in,make time for peace .
Be concious of your surroundings,not only social distancing but in your space.
Make sure your mental space has a physical space to be free of toxicity.

May it be something of sentiment to hold on to,a favourite book,a favourite corner in your home to meditate.
Whatever is it, make sure it's in place so that when stress and things beyond our control happen we are in a good mental state to deal with it.

#peace #mentalhealth #plantbasedinbarbados #vegansinbim #covidchronicles #planthealth #yummymymmies #veganhealthcoach #healthiswealth

Our vegan pizzas are back next Friday,so DM me to see our menu and reserve your order!

#plantbasedbarbados #eatwithapurpose #eatwellfeelwell #vegancaterer #vegansinbim #yummymummies🍃🌱🌿

Tofu Scramble was the perfect breakfast after my 5km run this morning!

What's in it?

*Organic Tofu -high protein!!
Tofu had a bad rep in the past but recent studies have found the true benefits of making tofu a part if your plant-based diet.

*Fresh tumeric and garlic-both anti inflammatory,fights againt bad bacteria,great for digestion and who doesn't like the glow you get from consuming both tumeric and garlic?

*Cashew cheese spread with the holy basil- cashews are low in sugar and rich in fiber, heart-healthy fats and plant protein.They are also a super mood booster, especially on your monthly cycle!
Basil- great for digestion,easing stomach bloating and water retention.

*Tomato- first,they just taste so dammn gooood.
Second-rich in lycopene which reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer .

So now I am satiated and ready to start my day!

What are you eating for breakfast today?

#eatwithapurpose #yummymummies #eatwellfeelwell #plantbasedinbarbados #vegansinbim #lifeinbalance

How are ya'll spending your Sunday?

Remember as important as nutrition is,mental health is just as, if not more important.

It's important that we take time for ourselves and do the things that make our hearts happy💚.

💃: @isaa_vibes


Our Italian sausage pizza!
Perfect for your weekend indulgence!

#plantbasedbarbados #plantbasedinbim #yummymummies🍃🌱🌿 #lifeinbalance #cashewcheese #vegansinbim #plantbasedbarbados

I'm a big texture girl,and this kale and quinoa salad with roasted carrots,toasted peanuts and tahini dressing is a whole #PARTY in the mouth!
This was definitely a fav this week!

#yummymummies🍃🌱🌿 #eatwithapurpose #eatwellfeelwell #lifeinbalance #mealprep #fuelyourbody #plantbasedbarbados #vegancaterer #loveyourself #yummymummies🍃🌱🌿


Quick and Easy Vegan Lentil Soup


2 cups red lentils(or any)
1 small onion chopped
1 stalk celery chopped
2 cloves garlic chopped
1/2 cup chopped mushrooms
5 fingerling squash
2 small potatoes chopped
1 cup chopped spinach
1 cup coconut milk
1 large tbsp tomato paste
Salt and pepper to taste

Bottling up some tumeric elixir to keep my immune system strong!

What are the things you do to keep you going strong?

#tumeric #healthiswealth #eatwellfeelwell #eatwithapurpose #yummymummies🍃🌱🌿

We are strong enough to stand alone, but United we are a force to be reckoned with.
Self love, togetherness and supporting each other ... That's what it means to be a woman!!


Change is inevitable,embrace it!


Tomato based aromatic curry with channa, plantain and pumpkin available @cliftonmarketbarbados today from 11.30 am!!
It's #Friyay, good vibes and good food.. The #yummymummies way!

#lunchtime #grabandgo #yummymummies🌱 #eatwellfeelwell #lifeinbalance #healthiswealth

So pretty it could be a painting.
But it is an unfiltered photo of a beautiful local fruit in Costa Rica!
Sweet and silky... Can anyone guess what this fruit is?

Vegan lasagne for #sundaylunch

#happysunday #yummymummies🌱 #vegancatering #vegansinbim #eatwellfeelwell #veganBarbados #healthiswealth #lifeinbalance

How do I get my girls to have a well balanced diet?

First of all, I live a life of balance and we all know children will do what they SEE you do, more than what you say.
I make sure they are limited to processed foods( within my control) and that the options we have in our home are healthy ones!

The salad above is one of our favourite ones:

Kale and Hemp tabbouleh!

Their favourite fruits are cucumbers, tomatoes and lemon so there is lots of that in there and a drizzle of coconut oil because we are NUTS for Coconut anything🤦🏽‍♀️

Put in your carb of choice:- we used semolina pearl cous cous because we all love it!

N. B.
Moms, if you are trying to restrict your carbs you could just leave them out or ideally eat this after a HIIT workout!
(remember your portions😜)

#yummymummies #lifeinbalance #eatwellfeelwell #eatwithapurpose
#healthiswealth #vegansinbim #plantbased

Shall I call it the gift of life and wellness?
Lunch meeting we catered for, serving up some #vegan farro and veggie soup!
#wellnesschef #vegansinbim🌱 #yummymummies🌱 #healthiswealth #eatwellfeelwell

Vegan eggplant lasagne!

#yummymummies #eatwithapurpose #eatwellfeelwell #lifeinbalance #vegansinbim #yummymummies🌱

I was so excited for the opportunity to make this #veganweddingcake for @nicole_parascando and Ashley !
Decor beautifully displayed (as always) by @shalanawatermandesigns in the most picturesque garden layout.... simply breathtaking.

Love eachother,love the earth and love life🌱💚

#happysunday #vegancatering #vegansinbim #veganweddings #yummymummies🌱 @ Cobblers Cove, Speightstown, St. Peter, Barbados

Vegan mint chocolate chip cheesecake with spirulina truffle.
This super cool hue of mint cream is actually from spirulina used in the dessert.
#eatwithapurpose #yummymummies #vegansinbim #eatwellfeelwell #lifeinbalance #rawnutrition #lovewhatyoudo #healthiswealth #vegancatering

Sweet Indulgence anyone?
Turning it back on a Tuesday to some sweet Cherry berry carob cheesecakes with dehydrated coconut!

#yummymummies #vegancatering #healthiswealth #eatwellfeelwell #lifeinbalance #wearewhatweeat #yummymummies

Vegan poke bowl with cauliflower rice,carrot noodles, cashew siracha,cabbage julienne and beets,drizzled with our Aminos Asian vinaigrette!!

#rawnutrition #rawveggies #yummymummies #watchyourskinglow #healthiswealth #eatwellfeelwell #eatgreen #lifeinbalance

Vegan chocolate fudge floral cake!
#edibleflowers #vegancatering #vegansinbim #eatwellfeelwell #healthiswealth #coconutoil #lowsugar #yummymummies

Breakfast y'all!
20 g protein in this gluten free,Omega packed pancake served with fresh fruit wedges and chia berry compote!
#yummymummies #lifeinbalance #balanceiskey
#breakfastonthego #vegansinbim #vegancatering #eatwellfeelwell

Gluten free banana bread with chocolate glaze available @themillbarbados!
#glutenfree #lifeinbalane #eatwellfeelwell #yummymummies #healthiswealth

Repost from @themillbarbados ..our #kadoomentspecial ceasar salads
Crispy chicken ceasar $25
Crispy shrimp ceasar $28

All your wants and needs in one salad bowl:
We got our protein✔
We got our greens ✔
We got crispy croutons✔
Flavourfull dressing✔

Just in time for the #kadooment season.
#yummymummies #lifeinbalance #themillbarbados #salads #greens #organicleaves #leafyorganics

Happy Independance Barbados!!
This is #yummy vegan passionfruit coconut frangipani tart made for a special lady on her birthday,Independance Day!
The crust,gluten free and made from our local cassava flour and our local coconut and passionfruit filling really shine through to remind us that we really do have amazing local produce we can creatively transform into something truly beautiful!
#yummymummies #healthisweath #eatwellfeelwell #lifeinbalance #vegan #vegansinbim #homemadewhitechocolate #local

Caramelised Pumpkin plate @alwayssummerlg !!!
#mediterraneanplates #healthisweath #eatwellfeelwell #lifeinbalance #yummymummies

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