Atlantis Submarines Barbados

Atlantis Submarines Barbados


Went with my 5 and 9 year old. It was an excellent tour, fun and informative.
Had a blast Atlantis Submarines Barbados would definitely recommend to all locals and tourists... exceptional staff was awesome... Atlantis Submarines Barbados wanna bad mad love.
Happy birthday Atlantis submarine
Perhaps this time next year ??
Simon Allsopp Neil Allsopp Andrew Williams 😉
All the world hail the King of Swim. Cameron Bellamy has officially become the first person to swim around our beautiful island #Barbados. Well done sir. #AtlantisSubmarinesBarbados salutes you.
Great list by SugarBay Barbados. Number 10 is a yes for us.
Richard & Ingrid.. the service was excellent, the staff was warm, and welcoming, made you feel very comfortable. Under water was fantastic,the guys did a fantastic job especially the demonstration on the safety jacket. WELL DONE!!!!!. We will definitely come back, but this time would love to do the night dive. Thank you Atlantis Submarine, for making being a part of our 8th wedding anniversary. Well done!!!!!
Swimming around our island home #Barbados is no mean feat and has never been done. We salute you @Cameron and wish you all the very best.
Today on LeBlog! E: [email protected] Call us or whatsapp after hours T: +1(246) 2431069 8 am-9 pm daily

Atlantis Submarines (Barbados) Inc is our registered name and we are incorporated as a local limited liability company in Barbados and a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlantis Submarines International (ASI) of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was incorporated in 1986. The submarine, which operated in Barbados from 1986 to 1995, was Atlantis II, a twenty eight-passenger submarine. Atlantis II was the second submarine ever built and the last one of its kind. Atlantis Barbados was the second site established by the head quarters. The official opening was celebrated on Feb 15th 1987 with a ceremony at the Waterfront cafe. After the submarine was decommissioned, the pilot console was extracted and sits on display in the Reservations lounge. Atlantis Barbados upgraded to a 48 passenger vessel in 1995 Atlantis III, the first 48 passenger ever built by the company and in 2008 we took receipt of a second 48 passenger submarine, Atlantis XV, the last one ever built by the company. Both vessels are operating in Barbados.

Mission: To be a leader in providing leisure seekers in Barbados, customer centered entertainment experiences or adventures, which are safe, high quality, environmentally friendly, fun, unique, educational and perceived as value for money.

Today we pay tribute to our AMAZING Atlantis Ladies on Mother’s Day. ❤️ ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, both here in Barbados and our partners around the world.

From the Atlantis Submarines Barbados family.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives #BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
SEA you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives #BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados.

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
SEA you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives #BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados.

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
Sea you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
Sea you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

On this May Day 2020 we salute all of the "essential workers" of Atlantis Submarines Barbados and workers across Barbados.

The Atlantis Submarines team is the reason we have built and maintained the excellent safety, reliability and service quality record we have over 33 years.

Covid-19 is another one of those "ups and downs" we have faced. Together we will get through it. Have a lovely relaxing day with your family.

Happy May Day 2020.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives #BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
Sea you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

Today we celebrate our heroes, past and present.

We salute our modern day heroes who are on the frontline of the COVID-19 fight, while celebrating our National Heroes who fought for the freedom we enjoy today.

Happy National Heroes’ Day Barbados.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives #BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
Sea you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
Sea you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

We only have one, so let’s take care of it. Happy Earth Day!

#earthday2020 #StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

TravelPulse Canada

Here is an update on Barbados' strategy for managing the impact of COVID-19.

#StayHome #StaySafe and #SaveLives.

Follow our page for tips on how we can get through this COVID-19 pandemic together.
#BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
Sea you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
Sea you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
Sea you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

Let memories of Barbados comfort you.
Sea you soon.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives.

Share the hope, joy and peace of Easter with those closest to you.

Reach out to family and friends.
Let them hear your voice.
Do a family video chat.

Happy Easter from the management and staff of Atlantis Submarines Barbados.

#eastercelebrationtip #StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives #BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados

To all our valued customers and partners, have a Blessed Good Friday. From the Management and Staff of Atlantis Submarines Barbados.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives #BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados

COVID-19 TIP. Dive for Cover!
We are all in this together! Let’s all practice social/physical distancing and #StayHome #StaySafe and #SaveLives.

Follow our page for tips on how we can get through this Covid-19 pandemic together.

#BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados

If you are, type "Home" below and share and like this page for reminders of what to do to fight COVID-19.
#StayHome #StaySafe and #SaveLives.

#BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados

On behalf of our crew we thank you for your review Reilly Jo.
Our crew will have some new underwater amusement ready for your next visit. 🤣
Call us today at (246) 436-8929 or (246) 243-1069

#LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados #BarbadosUnderwater

We salute you on Doctor's day and say thank you to all the wonderful doctors out there. More than ever the Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us of your invaluable service. Thank you.

We applaud the work our doctors do each day, but this year, and, especially during this time we are particularly grateful for these #heroeswithoutcapes who are on the front lines giving their best to help keep us safe.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

#DoctorsDay #InternationalDoctorsDay

We are all in this together, so we want to hear from you. . .

What did COVID-19 (Coronavirus) teach you?
Please add your comment below.

#WhatCoronaTaughtMe #BarbadosUnderwater #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados

Pink eye may be a rare symptom of coronavirus, doctors say

Pink eye a symptom of Covid-19? It's possible ophthalmologists may be the first doctors to see patients who are possibly infected with COVID-19.

Did You know?
Here is a little-known fact about us.

Call us today at (246) 436-8929 or email [email protected] with any queries.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Atlantis Submarines Barbados (ASB) has temporarily ceased operation of dives. Please read.

#LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados #BarbadosUnderwater

Here is a tip from Atlantis Submarines. If you are ever asked to trace where you have been here is how you can do so using your mobile phone. Contact tracing for containing Covid-19 so be part of the solution. Share please.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados COVID-19 Protocols

Atlantis Submarines Barbados COVID-19 Protocols

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Covid-19 Protocols

Covid-19 is now a reality worldwide and requires our calm, collective effort to address it aggressively. We at Atlantis Submarines Barbados recognize that each company and individual has a critical role to play and we are determined to play ours. As a result, we have reviewed, revised and revamped our processes. Please read carefully.

For more information call us at (246) 436-8929
visit us on all major social media platforms, on our website,
or email [email protected]

#LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados #BarbadosUnderwater Atlantis Submarines Barbados Covid-19 Protocols

Sunday Blessings. Thank you for your review and recommendation Frances Griffin. 🙏
Call us today at 4368929 or 2431069

#LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados #BarbadosUnderwater

[03/14/20]   Atlantis Submarines Barbados' Protocols for communication and protection of brand Barbados and brand Atlantis Submarines. For the attention and action of employees and contractors as we manage Covid-19 and beyond, please note the following guidelines:

Managing our communication and messaging is very important to managing Covid-19 impacts. Official information as it relates to confirmed cases comes from only one source which is the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

All are reminded that Covid -19 is a global and national matter and must be taken seriously.

All protocols previously published are to be followed in a professional manner.

Your ideas and observations are important so please share with the management team so we can act on them.

At no time must any unauthorised audio or video of staff or guests be taken and posted anywhere as we work through this or any crisis.

Absolutely no ad-lib comments, jokes or otherwise mentioning this virus unless in a professional way. Disregard of this caution adds to confusion, and falls below company expectation.

Misuse of social media and sharing of internal information outside the company falls below company expectation and can be met with disciplinary action.

Please feel free to share legitimate news about Covid-19 but FAKE NEWS and rumour mongering is discouraged and will not be tolerated.

Refrain from spreading information or anything that may cause panic and be very sensitive to the mental health of others during this stressful time.

My cell contact and that of all managers are well known and available so please use them to raise matters of concern to you.

WhatsApp messaging and social media are important tools to be embraced. Treasure them and use them to keep abreast.

Keep in contact with family and colleagues; do not forget to sanitise your phone and be safe as we work through this together.

Roseanne Myers
General Manager

"We gatherin' 2020" is a national effort to invite the barbadian diaspora worldwide to return home to Barbados and those living here to reconnect with their roots and culture!! Atlantis Submarines Barbados is on board and participated in an effort to plant 1 million trees by the end of the year as an objective of this initiative. The President and CEO of Atlantis Submarines International in Vancouver and the CFO Dennis and Ben Hurd respectively joined General manager ofvAtlantis Submarines Barbados Roseanne Myers and Markeing Officer Wayne Scott at Sharon Primary School in St. Thomas. Fifteen trees were donated and planted trees and 33 complimentary tickets for submarines tours were presented to the head teacher Mrs. Pamela Small-Williams. Atlantis Submarines celebrates 33 years in Barbados this year and our donations also serve to mark that milestone. Additional trees will be planted at the National Botanical Gardens later this year.

Roseanne Myers remarked "We were honoured to be able to participate in this way and on this occasion to have Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs Hon. Cynthia Forde join us and speak about this parish and school at which she herself taught for 25 years. As a corporate entity we were the first attraction in the world to be Green Globe Certified as part of our environmentally friendly objectives, so we were excited to make this contribution to greening Sharon Primary School". Atlantis Submarines Barbados encourages other corporate entities to participate in this effort to improve the environment in which we barbadians live.

The pictures here are a sneak peak of some of the activities and other wonderful persons we met who also volunteer year round to care for the school grounds. If you look closely at the "spanchor" we are using, it is an anchor which was used as a spade in 1995 when Atlantis Submarines broke ground on its facility in the Shallowdraught. This was a very visible show of support and commitment to Barbados as a foreign investor which continues today. Thank you to Mrs. Small-Williams, the National Conservation Committee, and the St. Thomas parish organising committee for making this a reality. Thanks to Mrs. Selma Green for coordinating the We gatherin' activities overall and attending this event but especially for the creation on the spot, of the word "spanchor".

Exciting Underwater Submarine Tours - Atlantis Submarines Barbados

Thankful that Barbados has no confirmed cases, Atlantis Submarines Barbados proactively revises its hygiene protocols in response to Covid-19 global threat.

March12th, 2020

Dear guest and industry partner,

Covid-19 is now a reality worldwide and requires our calm, collective effort to address it aggressively. We at Atlantis Submarines Barbados recognize that each company and individual has a critical role to play and we are determined to play ours. Barbados and Atlantis Submarines are following WHO protocols and thankfully as at March 12th 2020, Barbados has no confirmed cases. Atlantis Submarines Barbados is committed to our country’s efforts to proactively minimize the impact of this global phenomenon by focusing on improved hygienic practices. Atlantis Submarines Barbados has reviewed, revised and revamped processes as follows:

For guests pre-booked whose travel plans are disrupted, we understand this is stressful and Atlantis Submarines has relaxed its cancellation policy to minimize penalties and offer credit. Email us at your earliest convenience [email protected]

Transport providers are sanitizing their hands and vehicles before and after each round trip transfer from hotels. Particular attention is being paid to touch zones. Drivers will replace handshakes with broad smiles and a wave and to minimize contact.

The management and staff of Atlantis Submarines have unanimously agreed and adopted daily temperature testing as a basic indicator of fitness to work. Normal range is expectation.

Similarly for the comfort and safety of all guests checking in for the submarine tour, temperature checks will be done. We will use a handheld infrared no-touch thermometer Temperatures over the normal range will be referred by telephone to medical personnel for further advice.

Staff are asked to use safe hygiene practices, including effective and frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer, which is supplied throughout the operation.

All boarding passes, sign-in computers, check in counters, bathrooms, door handles and surfaces will be sanitized between tours.

Staff servicing bathrooms will be wearing protective clothing and remove such when in staff areas.

All staff will replace hand-shakes with smiles, waves, nods, hand-on-heart, elbow bumps or bump of feet. It is imperative to reduce human contact.

When guests enter office after disembarking the transport, they are welcomed to the office and invited to use hand sanitiser supplied at entrance, for personal safety.

If available, guests are invited to take a face mask if coughing and sneezing to protect other guests. Such are not guaranteed to be available. Concierge or tour reps should advise their clients to wear such in resort, on the bus and on tour. .

Before boarding the submarine, guests are invited to use hand sanitiser.

Atlantis Submarines is happy to confirm that air inside the submarine is scrubbed of carbon dioxide. Medical grade oxygen is pumped into the cabin constantly throughout the tour. This provides a natural cleansing to keep fresh air available to all. In addition, air is filtered for contaminants and odors before being circulated. The frequency for sanitizing air filters has been tripled weekly.

Guests are reminded that face masks are required on the submarine if they are openly coughing or sneezing. You are encouraged to wear your own. Such will be supplied when available and at worst case please cough into your elbow.

Hand sanitiser is again provided as you exit the boat and in the office.

For staff not feeling well who suspect Covid-19 they will be asked to remain at home, call their personal doctor, polyclinics or hotline number to report. Refrain from going into public spaces and do not come to work but call to advise. The hotline number or contacts for medical personnel can be called so further advice can be sought.
16. Any guest checking in who is exhibiting signs of illness will be highlighted to management so appropriate questions can be asked and advice sought from medical professionals as below. Ministry of Health and Wellness has provided the following contact numbers for seeking medical advice.

COVID-19 Hotline 536-4500

Dr. Leslie Rollock 536-3853

Dr. Karen Brome 536-3844

Dr. Arthur Phillips 536-3866

Atlantis Submarines Barbados remains dedicated to the delivery of the high quality service we have developed since 1987 and will remain vigilant and proactive in the fight to manage our response to this threat. Atlantis Submarines is a unique underwater adventure in a real submarine, taking guests down to 150 feet to experience the tropical fish and coral in the calm waters of the west coast of Barbados. For more information call us at 2464368929, visit us on all major social media platforms, on our website, email at [email protected]

Warmest Regards

Roseanne Myers

General Manager

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Inc.

Reservations - 2464368929

Mobile- 2462628968

Website: Exciting Underwater Submarine Tours - Atlantis Submarines Barbados

Celebrating 33 years in Barbados in 2020 is Atlantis Submarines' President and CEO Dennis Hurd. Credited with the design of the submarine more than 35 years ago Atlantis Submarines has grown to the only company in the world offering underwater adventures in a vessel whose design continues to be tried and tested and works successfully. Sites are located in Caribbean, Hawaii and Guam. Accompanying Dennis is Chief Financial Officer and son Ben Hurd.
Seriously hard to find nicer folk. Welcome back.

Do you need information about the Coronavirus, (COVID-19)? Call the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ 24-hour hotline at 536-4500.

#coronavirus #hotline #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados #BarbadosUnderwater

Underwater Adventure of a Lifetime!

Atlantis Submarines operates underwater tours in a real submarine vessel, providing the opportunity for residents and locals to explore the underwater world in air-conditioned comfort.

Though the submarine is the core product Atlantis Barbados operates a themed island tour for the cruise lines called the Natural Wonders of Barbados and a combination tour the Sub and See, which combines a submarine tour with a short island tour.

Looking for the best attractions and things to do in Barbados?

Book your Barbados Tour today!

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