Nutritiously Inspired

Nutritiously Inspired

Providing balanced healthy meals to persons looking for convenient nutritious options. Created out of our own need to eat healthy while on the go, Nutritiously Inspired allows for those who have hectic schedules or who just don't have enough time in the day to be able to grab their healthy meals without having to guess the amount of calories or nutritional content as all of this information is provided right on our meals.

Our professionally trained chefs prepare your meals to perfection which includes your meals being prepared with the best flavor while staying with in the allotted calorie counts. This allows for those with strict diets or just persons seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle to be able to keep track of their daily calorie intake.

Stay focused. You may give up not knowing that life changing break is around the corner.
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Hey Guys!

Please note that Nutritiously Inspired will be closed from July 31st to August 13th, we reopen on August 14th. Orders can be made directly through us this week to be delivered on Friday.

No meals will be available at Surfside Wellness Wildey during this period.

We would like to takye this time out to wish you all a safe and enjoyable Crop Over. See you in 2 weeks!

Always prepping meals! Hope you guys have a great Saturday and be sure to get those orders in. You can also head over to Surfside Wellness in Wildey for those meals! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

You're most welcome! Summer is here but it's not too late, send us an email to order today! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

On rainy days and pretty much every other day...WE MEAL PREP! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

That's right! We know that most of you are super busy this time of year so let's help you get that body right where it really the kitchen! Choose from our range of meals OR send us your requirements and we'll do the rest! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

That's right! We know that most of you are super busy this time of year so let's help you get that body right where it really the kitchen! Choose from our range of meals OR send us your requirements and we'll do the rest! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

Head over to Surfside Wellness Center in Wildey TODAY for those meals! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

Good Morning! We plan to have an amazing day meal prepping and hope you do too! Orders for Thursday are open and our fridge at Surfside Wildey is FULLY STOCKED! Be sure to do like @246faith and get those meals in! #Repost @246faith with @repostapp
Blackened chicken with mango salsa and a tall glass of water 😍 How my lunch was set up today @nutritiouslyinspired it was awesome!! #healtyfood #healthyeating #nutrition #mealprep #fitnessmotivation #fitchicks #eatclean #traindirty #foodporn #nutritiouslyinspired #AvailableAtSurfside #surfsidewellnesscentre #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

@246faith is right! Let's keep you fueled up the RIGHT way! Nutritiously Inspired is the first meal prep service in Barbados to provide you with nutritional facts for every meal! Be sure to contact us via email for further info! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

What a GREAT WAY to start off our Monday!

Orders are on their way to you and we are SURE you're going to have an awesome day!

Get these orders in EARLY for our next delivery on Thursday or you can head over to the family at Surfside Wellness Centre in Wildey to grab those meals and GO!

Have a great day Fit Fam!

#eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

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Happy Monday guys and remember to get those healthy meals in! With Nutritiously Inspired you have NO EXCUSE!

β€’No guessing
β€’No prepping
β€’No mess

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My meals for the week from @nutritiouslyinspired 😍. Meal prep can sometimes be very time consuming. So I decided to give @nutritiouslyinspired a chance to do that for me 😬. Let's see how this goes πŸ’ͺ🏾 #healtyfood #healthyeating #nutrition #mealprep #fitnessmotivation #fitchicks #eatclean #traindirty #foodporn #nutritiouslyinspired #AvailableAtSurfside #surfsidewellnesscentre

Nutritiously Inspired's cover photo

Take a look at our current menu and place those orders! We still have a few spots available for delivery tomorrow but you're definitely still early for Monday delivery! Also the team over at Bassa Bassa has a great website you can make your orders through. If you prefer to just grab meals on the go? No problem! Head over to Surfside Wellness Centre in Wildey! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

We hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season thus far and we would definitely encourage everyone to indulge responsibly!

Nutritiously Inspired is here to help you and with 2017 right around the corner, why not kickstart it with us? Check out our website (link in bio), the @bassabassabarbados website or you can try our grab and go meals available at Surfside Wellness Wildey. #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

Head over to the Barbados Community College this weekend for the Finals of the @nexgenaba U23 Independence Invitational and you can have a chance to win Nutritiously Inspired Meal Vouchers and much more!!
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Christopher Bramo won himself 3 meals compliments @nutritiouslyinspired during last nights games.

Lots more giveaways during our final 2 days of the Digicel NexGenABA U23 Independence Invitational.

See you at the BCC on Saturday & Sunday night for the Finals.


What's your lunch looking like today? If it's not a Nutritiously Inspired meal then what are you making for? Check out Bassa Bassa , Surfside Wellness Centre in Wildey or send us an email today! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

Healthy meals are what we do! Check out Bassa Bassa , Surfside Wellness Centre in Wildey or send us an email to order now! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

Lunch! Who's down for some healthy meatballs and pasta today? Check out Bassa Bassa , Surfside Wellness Centre in Wildey or send us an email to order your meals now! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

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Hey guys! Have you tried our next level meals? Check them out! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is doing fine after the past two days. Just a reminder that orders for our Sunday delivery are still open and can be made via the Bassa Bassa website or send an email directly to us!

September menu item! Jerk salmon with sweet potato, green beans, tomatoes and spinach. This is one of our Next Level menu items. Send us an email to order! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

September menu item! Teriyaki shrimp with vegetables and jasmine rice. This is one of our Next Level menu items. Send us an email to order! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

September menu item! Garlic grilled beef steak with red potatoes and vegetables! This is one of our Next Level menu items. Send us an email to place your order! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

September menu item! Blackened chicken with mango salsa. Email us for orders! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

@iamtrainer_jas getting those meals in!! Our September menu is out now! Send us an email and receive the latest updates!! #Repost @iamtrainer_jas with @repostapp
492 cals of goodness @nutritiouslyinspired road to 200 πŸ’ͺ🏾 #feedme #nutritiouslyinspired #eathealthy #livehealthy #mealprep246

Thanks for sharing! Who else eats their meals for breakfast?? #Repost @re_gibson with @repostapp
#meal2 #breakfast.... While I may love junk food and have the biggest sweet tooth ever... Eating junk just don't seem as appealing anymore 😭😭😭😭 (that doesn't mean I won't indulge a bit πŸ‘€πŸ˜)....I've waited forever to have my @nutritiouslyinspired meal...... The meatball marinara is lined up next! 😁😁.... Some Agave Almonds would be lovely!! #bestalmondsever! #cleaneating #foodie #nutritious but tasty! #mealprep246 #nutritiouslyinspired

Yup! We're back! Took a break for the Crop Over season and we're ready to serve you!

You guys know the drill, send us an email to order, order onlinef directly through our website or check out Surfside Wellness in Wildey, Fresh N' Ez Fit Bar at Flawless Performance in Sky Mall or order online through Bassa Bassa!

#wereback #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246

Hey Guys! How's your week been going? Need some inspiration? Well check out this week's athlete of the week, Adande Browne!

"... It is an honor to be chosen as athlete of the week. My passion for sports and fitness began at the Lodge School with my track and field career, though short due to an injury, the foundation from which my principle developed are captured in the true essence of the Lodge Spirit and despite my inability to compete I supported my peers every step of the way.
Having been through the process of rehabilitation, I have learnt the importance of patience, strength training, endurance, rest and timing - timing is everything. Having an appreciation for the mechanics of injury prevention and an invested interest in sports I became a personal trainer with a special focus in corrective exercise and strength condition. This year I will be challenging myself in the men's physique competition - my advice for those of you who have injuries and are trying to get back into a fitness routine, ensure you have recovered, trust in your body's timing and stay positive."

#eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246 #athleteoftheweek #fitspo #igfit #ighealth #athlete #fitness Flawless Performance Centre Fresh N' EZ

‼️NOTICE‼️ Hey Guys! Just letting you know that we will be closed from Tuesday, July 26th to Monday, August 8th. Final orders for July can be made by Saturday, July 23rd to be delivered on Monday, July 25th. First orders for August can be made by Tuesday, August 9th to be delivered on Thursday, August 11th. The Nutritiously Inspired Team would like to sincerely thank you all for your patience and also apologize for any inconvenience. We look forward to serving you even better when we reopen. Enjoy the remainder of the Crop Over season! #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246 #seeyousoon

Check out this week's athlete of the week Tanisha Forde! She hails from Bassa Bassa. Here's her story!

"I never thought I would join a gym. Rain, sun, snow, hail, I got in my 5 to 6 50 - minute sessions a week at home. It worked like a well - oiled machine - until it didn't. I needed to do something different in order to get back on track.

Following my cousin's recommendation, I decided to "try out" Bassa Bassa gym. Initially I committed to one kickboxing class but ended up signing up for a full month's membership within mere minutes at the front desk. I can't explain it but it just felt right and from that moment on I've embraced the Bassa Bassa experience. I have worked my body in ways I never thought possible. There have been challenges but patient coaches and inspiring gym members kept me motivated in times of doubt. Every baby step forward is a victory and as a family we celebrate those successes. What I've enjoyed the most is the approach taken. It is holistic and caters to both body and mind thus progress is inevitable.

Thank you for the love, encouragement and for reminding me that not even the sky is the limit. Fight for it!"

Show us what your lunch looked like today! RepostBy @ephaisharifa: "I'm sure I mentioned that ...i eat here goes.... Tuna and Pineapple Kebabs plus Steak with Roasted Mushroom and Brussels Sprouts and a sh*t ton of Broccoli!!! Drizzled some of my Maple Chipotle Grille sauce from @dwellingshome and I'm good to go!!!! Large off @nutritiouslyinspired for the food!! #fuelyourperformance #fuelyourlife #allinmybelly #readytoeatagain #gotsomesalmonlineup #nomnom #ilovebroccoli #yumm #bassabassabarbados" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

Sunday Meal Prep! Hope you guys are enjoying your day. #eathealthy #livehealthy #nutritiouslyinspired #mealprep246 #shrimp #sobunoodles #healthygoodness #igfit #igmealprep

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