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Operating since January 2005. Bronwyn Chompff operated a bookkeeping business from 2005, and specialised in helping micro and small businesses. Living in regional Western Australia, she was quick to master online and cloud accounting and administration processes years ago to enable efficient service to clients based across Australia. A mother of 4, she has lived and breathed the work-from-home juggle. Not even taking any time off after the birth of her children, there are fond memories of typing one-handed while nursing, and working away while singing along to every Wiggles song! Bookkeeping services were soon upgraded to business and administration consultancy, and in 15 years of operation, she maintained a client retention rate of 93%! FROM BOOKKEEPING BUSINESS TO SMALL BUSINESS COACH Time changes everything, and the decision was made in 2019 to move on, to step up to business coaching and development of new programs and workshops for those seeking an online business coach or life coach. Personally trained by the eminent Benjamin J Harvey of Authentic Education, Bronwyn is achieving ICF accreditation, and has discovered her true calling in life. After re-aligning the business to reflect her focus as a life and business coach, Bronwyn re-launched Evertrue Solutions “Coaching is the answer to a question I was asking about my business future for about 5 years. Nothing really fit until I discovered coaching, and then the universe conspired in my favour to make it happen. It’s nothing short of divine intervention.” Evertrue Solutions delivers PEACE, CONFIDENCE and POWER through the programs offered, as all are built on a foundation of ALIGNMENT, STRUCTURE, and MINDSET. Anything is possible. With my authentic real world experience, let me help you discover where you want to go, and how you can achieve your goals!

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Bookkeeper Bliss Workshop

meetup.com Tue, Jan 12, 2021, 6:30 PM: In this 2 hour workshop, we look at three common problems faced by bookkeepers and admin support services:Problem clients (that make you pull your hair out with frustration

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and may you have a productive and fulfilling day :-)


Money problems aren’t always finance problems - Evertrue Business Coaching

Here's something to think about - if there are money problems in business, it can't always be fixed by raising prices or cutting overheads. Got to find the REAL source of the problem.


evertruebusinesscoach.com If you think about the flow of actions during the course of running your business, we can start to see that often, money problems in business are not a

Like you, I am very mindful of managing my life, family, and business through a changing world, and excited at the opportunities to guide the direction that they take.

What direction do you intend for your life, family and business?

My name is Bronwyn Chompff, and I offer a range of business coaching programs based on a foundation of ALIGNMENT, STRUCTURE and MINDSET, which delivers PEACE, CONFIDENCE and POWER to you, and I invite you to follow my page, join the private group, visit my website, or better yet, book a discovery call to see if I'm a match for what you're looking for.

6:00am this morning. It's a beautiful day, and I just love the early morning peace and stillness. Especially this morning's absence of the Easterly winds that usually blow all night.

I have just finished a coaching session (I have a number of early morning spots booked by clients either interstate or overseas) and I am reflecting on how much I am loving this process of coaching.

To see the change in my clients happen right before my eyes, to be walking with them as they discover and uncover pure truth about themselves, and take confident affirmative action to live more aligned with their values and priorities.

It's such a privilege to witness this transformation, and even more so to be a facilitator of it. I love coaching! I really really really love coaching!!

In the spirit of acknowledging the things I am grateful for, my joy and gratitude are overflowing for this opportunity I've been given. Thank you - to God, to my clients, to my friends and family that support me. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for making this possible. ###x

Flying Solo

Shout out to the best business community I know!
Flying Solo is a priceless resource of knowledge, forums, expert tips and advice, from people who really know what it's like to run your own business, on your own.
They also have been super supportive to me by publishing a few of my articles, and I have really enjoyed the added exposure and market engagement!
If you run a micro business, or a small business, you'd be bonkers to not jump on board. There's a free subscription to be part of the community, or a premium membership to get added extras. See you in there :-)

Flying Solo is Australia's micro business community with over 100,000 members. Find forums, articles & inspiration at www.flyingsolo.com.au


How To Write A Business Plan

This is the full version of the article published by Flying Solo. If anyone's up for a little critique reading, how do they compare?

evertrue.com.au Evertrue Solutions


How to write a business plan - Flying Solo

I could not have said this better myself :-)

flyingsolo.com.au A builder would never construct a house without drawings, a chef would never cook a dish without a recipe. A business owner SHOULD never run a business without a plan.

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The scary truth about writing a business plan - Flying Solo

What a great way to start 2020! This is a must read for anyone in business!

flyingsolo.com.au Most of the micro and small business owners I've worked with over the past 15 years are not business school graduates. Some didn't even finish high school. These are the true grass-roots Australians who work hard, and have developed their particular talent into a business with grit and determination...

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Evertrue Solutions

What's your New Year's Resolution? If it has anything to do with your business, this may be of interest to you!

Where is your next customer coming from? Will you make enough this month to cover rent? Would it be great to have a steady cashflow?

Always trying, always believing, nothing can stop us now!

#Step by step, bit by bit, you can #rise above your present negativity. Push through, #try harder. You can do this. #Icandothis

[12/30/19]   Have you got a New Year's Resolution?
What is 2020 going to be for you?

Evertrue Solutions's cover photo

I did it! How awesome is this!
I have completed my training as a results coach, and I'm ready to take on this career.

So here I am. Just about to start day 3 of an intensive accreditation course, then when I get back I will be in the business of Results Coaching.
If you have somewhere you want to be, I will get you there. Whatever result you want, I will be your coach to clarify, plan, overcome, take action, keep you accountable, and bring you home - to whatever you choose you want home to be.
What I have learned so far is that this career aligns entirely with my values, beliefs, experience, ethos and major life purpose. Having the skills, knowledge and qualifications to be an instrument of change to others is something I am incredibly excited about.
But I am only here thanks to the support by so many others. I am eternally indebted to many people, I know you all, I will honour the belief and faith you've shown in me.

Bird Call

Even a little bird like this guy can....

The moon is such a captivating presence in the night sky. I wonder what the man in the moon would think of the things going on around here......

Evertrue Tip #2

How do you get your business to go the way you want it to? Isn't there a joke about that.......?

Life is unpredictable enough without the added pressure of unpaid invoices. Yet it seems that too many clients and customers are quick to request for goods and services, but then not so quick to pay for them. Small and Micro businesses are hit hard, who often exist hand-to-mouth, with little or no back up funds. When we find a golden customer who actually pays on time, how much do we LOVE them!!!!!!

On the weekend, my first son turned 21 years old. It was a really significant day for me.
The experience called for a new outfit that I designed and created - named "What I couldn't wear 21 years ago", and when I made his cake - a banana/strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and jam in the middle - I felt connected to my Oma, who used to make the most amazing birthday cakes for every member of our family.
Life connects us to people, and not just for this moment, but for a lifetime. May we always be mindful of the impact we have on people around us, intended or not, and make it a good one.

Who remembers the first great idea they had.... and it all started from there? Those early days, full of promise and possibility and potential..... where did they go????

The scarcity attitude teaches that everyone is my enemy. If customers are supporting you they are diminishing me.
The abundance attitude teaches that there is plenty to go around. Everyone fills their own little niche in the wider market, because you can't be everything to everyone.
You can team up with your competition. Support each other's strengths, and serve the wider market with your combined power. What will you choose?

Evertrue Tip #1 - What is holding your business back?

Trying to achieve something and it's just not happening? What is holding your business back? And what can you do about it?

#Step by step, bit by bit, you can #rise above your present negativity. Push through, #try harder. You can do this. #Icandothis

A #customer is a shining ray of #hope and #trust. A golden affirmation that you're doing something right. Love your customers, give them your best, and you both will be #richer for it.

#Challenges will affect different people in different ways. What breaks one will make another. Be clay. Be steel. Be an egg if you must. Be #strengthened and #refined by the trials you face, the #choice is yours alone.

With your #dreams in front of you, don't waste a single second looking back. The past does not #define you, you are defined by what you do now. #Follow your dreams with passion. #dontlookback

It takes a #special kind of someone to throw caution to the wind and take on their own #business. A micro-business owner has a huge #challenge in front of them, it's not for the faint hearted! Take #courage, you're not alone.

It's time to shake a tail feather and step up to the plate.
You are #awesome, and the world needs to see it. Put on your best #presentation, shine your shoes and get set. We're going to do this!

The things that are the most valued in life are those that took #time and effort to create. If you're feeling impatient, think of what the result will be if you rush it. If it happens too fast, will it #endure through the first couple of bumps on the road? Do it once, do it right. Take the time to get it the way it #deserves to be presented to the world.

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Bird Call
Evertrue Tip #2
Evertrue Tip #1 - What is holding your business back?
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