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Oooh exciting... #Celavive Hydrating Sheet Mask is featured in this months Vogue - out on the shelves 👏 That’s because it’s so darn good ✨✨ Better check the inside covers & get yours today...Winter is coming 🤪
Vicky of Better Body Beauty Sanctuary was kind enough to spare the time to be interviewed for Building Better Business. Check out what she has to say on: "Ageing Awesomely and How That Can Aid Productivity In Your Business"
You just have to agree... It's my happy place
Who does this? Ha! Me!! Wonder how many others do this too...obviously Dr Libby does.. Just on that note- there is a group of us going to her newest event Mon 12th Sept PM me for more details & if you want to hang out with me
If being beautiful is more about being who you truly are... Check out this post @BeliefSchool to get your anti-ageing mindset mojo happening Best tips from this - post below
The latest fad is coconut oil - & for good reason It seems there are a multiple of benefits including prevention of Alzheimers Disease Also- not shown in this study - are the benefits to the skin Keeping it soft & supple & more youthful (When taken internally ie. As a food/with your cooking, smoothies, etc) NOT rubbing it ON your skin or using it as part of your moisturiser!!
Mmmm.... Still my favourite make up range
One thing you need in life ,is do do do action and belief all that is create your destiny
One thing you need in life ,is do do do action and belief all that is create your destiny Strength and Vitality Foundation Inc
Carolyn Johnson - I have new salad recipes for the next Beach Bum Challenge - message me :-)
School Holiday Stress Planning Is the thought of school holidays doing your head in...before it's already started? Wondering how you are going to entertain/play taxi driver/feed kids AND get your work done???? Plan now so you don't end up an emotional wreck at the end of the holidays...and worse - you feel old and tired. 1. Search online for some FREE Apps on meditation & plan to get up 15mins before the rest of the household to get "in the zone" 2. Make sure you get outside to exercise - the fresh air will be invigorating & is you have to make the kids do this...they will be less irritating for the remainder of the day 3. Get the kids to make you an excel spreadsheet for WATER - print it out and tick off your 8 glasses per day (2 before am tea, 2 by lunch, 2 by aftn tea, 2 by dinner) and it will also encourage them to drink water too - it will keep you energised throughout the day 4. Have fun with the kids and then do a POWER HOUR of work with NO distractions Here's to Beautiful skin - inside and out!
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Better Body Beauty... is all about empowering you to age gracefully by fueling your body, mind & skin with clean, healthy products, nutrition that's simple & tastes great, enjoying nurturing rituals that help de-stress & firming in-salon facials

My mission is to educate and give the power back to women on healthy choices that affect how beautiful your skin is, especially as you get older. Having Beautiful skin is more than just great skincare, it's about being happy, eating properly, managing stress and having the energy to love life and let that radiate through your skin....just like when you were first in love!

Mission: My mission is to create a tribe of like-minded men & women globally, who love what they do and are out to improve the health and happiness of their world and look gorgeous doing it

In the words of Oprah...

“So many women I’ve talked to see Menopause as a blessing. I’ve discovered that this is your movement to reinvent yourself after years of focusing on the needs of everyone else”

I’ve also heard this from Dr Christiane Northrop who writes on Women’s Wisdom

What’s your view on how to see Menopause? Talk about or just sort it out??

Menopause can be so personal but I think a shared view is always helpful 💚

Your skin sits on top of muscle - so it’s super important (to avoid sagging & deep lines) to look after your facial muscles as well as what’s on top 🤪

So how do you do that?

Well - as funny as it sounds - strength training helps your facial muscles as well as your body 💚
By training for your body - your face gets “exercise” & keeps its elasticity & structure - supporting your skin to lie nice & flat

As for weight training - as women over 40 - make sure you lift heavy weights. Don’t be scared of bulk & variety is the key 🌸💕

Yes - this is the term for using certain nutrients, in the right combo, to naturally help your body “switch ON” pathways that help your body #stayyoung - like when you were younger & cut your finger... it healed much quicker than it does NOW 🤪 .
As you get older (especially over 40yrs) your pathways “turn OFF” slowly - making you more tired, not sleep so well or regenerate fully.
This is one way to help your body stay stronger, sleep better, have more sustained energy & of course #lesslines
Want to find out more? DM me or reach out on messenger .
Link in Bio 💚💪🧘‍♂️


This is part of the "hidden" sides to looking after your skin - so it glows, looks youthful & AMAZING no matter what your age...

Want to know my 3 philosophies?

They are really simple - but simple doesn't always mean "easy" or that you will "do" them...

Just imaging if you really took these 3 philosophies on - ALL YEAR - how great could you look??

Even better - how amazing would you FEEL??!!#*!

Here they are:-
1. Eat
2. Breathe
3. Move

Simple right?
But what's the trick I hear you say?

1. EAT
- focus on NUTRIENTS not just calories in & calories out - that means you have to eat nourishing food for your body - like fuel...AND take extra's (like high quality Multi's & help your body activate it's own anti-oxidant powerhouse)

- purposefully every morning and night with abdominal breathing. This gets your body OUT of FIGHT & FLIGHT which keeps you from performing at your best, holds onto weight & also gives you more LINES

- Your body is meant to move...whatever that look like to you - but the older you get, the more you need to move to burn energy (unless you get super smart - talk to me below if this is you)

I'm covering HOW and WHEN you can fit this into your life (along with everything else on your plate) at the upcoming GET A GRIP OF THE GRIND FESTIVAL in Bright on Fri 28th Feb

Book your tickets now - it's going to be just one of the amazing workshops

Check out more from the speakers at Get a Grip of the Grind

Don’t really need to say more than that really...
Luckily damaged skin can be repaired - but there is work to be done - EVERY DAY
What’s your biggest challenge right now with your skin?
Or do you love the way it looks already? 💚 #skinrituals #loveyourskin #itsworthit

2020 – Future thinking - Professional Beauty

Here's a sneak peek at what's happening behind the scene in the Beauty Industry from The Professionals.

Watch the video to hear more or read the article & of course "ping" me a message/Comment below on things that come up for YOU Experts discuss the year ahead

Well the tennis is over - so we can now get our #beautysleep .
Haha! .
Do you get really hooked into a game & cant go to bed til you see the end?
Had to capture this beautiful sunset... to what was probably the longest game of the tournament - Nadal v Thiem #greattennis .
Just remember to practice abdominal breathing before hopping into bed late - it helps stimulate the healing & rebalancing of the nervous system - especially needed after an exciting game of tennis 💚.
#breathe #relax #lesslines

Get A Grip of the Grind™

I truly believe that women can help other women rise up to be there best...

Sometimes in the hustle & bustle of work, family & LIFE - it’s easy to put yourself last...or even “on the sideline” til later...

Personal growth expands EVERYONE you come into contact with - not just YOU

& what I have found, is that - if you’re like me, your biggest priority is family & those you care about. So what you do...matters!

To BE more, you have to experience more, challenge yourself & get out of the “norm”

This weekend from Get A Grip of the Grind - truly gives the opportunity for you to expand to the next level, whatever that looks like for you - no judgement, no expectations, just a caring environment of professionals, like-minded women & YOU 💚

Get your ticket NOW Get a Grip of the Grind is an antidote to contemporary life, offering women professional development in an adventurous setting. Women are prone to putting themselves last and often taking a hit to their careers in order to raise families, over the years this erodes confidence, lowers resilience, and...

What do you prefer?

I’m currently reviewing the way I get helpful info, latest research & anti-aging techniques, products, home care tips & basically anything that gives you a better quality of life - 💕 inside & out 💕

- out to you...

Or do you prefer podcast?

Let me know what’s the most useful way for you to get info that can help with all those pesky little questions you get about your skin, lines, hormones, food, supplements, sleep....& pretty much anything ageing 😊

Comment below 🙏

Eyes are the window to our souls (& happiness🌸)

And also usually the area that shows signs of age first ...

Apart from using eye cream BEFORE you apply your facial moisturiser - what can you do?

Here’s 3 things to check you are doing -

- LESS is BEST - meaning using a smaller amount of eye cream is better than more (approx 1/2 dehydrated pea size)

If you use too much eye cream - it can still swell the eye skin - expanding & stretching it - causing lines 😭

- wear wider sunglasses to protect more the skin even though wrap around a arent that cool 😎

- take your eye make up off GENTLY at the end of each night by soaking a cotton pad in Eye Make Up Remover; holding it over the eyes for 10sec (which melts mascara off - hold for longer if it’s waterproof mascara); then gently wipe downwards.
Use the other side to wipe back over & be sure not to RUB (just glide) 😇

PS Don’t use a milk or foaming cleanser over the eyes - it may leave a film over the eyes which is uncomfortable AND usually requires a lot of rubbing
Which equates to LINES 😞

Guess what my favourite Eye Cleanser is?

Make sure you use your eye cream morning AND night...
Because your eye skin is so delicate - it dehydrates quicker than the rest of your facial skin...PLUS - at night is when the repair & #antiageing takes place
Now that’s what you really want ah? Less lines...look healthy...glowing skin
#summerskin #eyesarethewindows #toyoursoul

7 Benefits of Frankincense Pure Essential Oil

This is one of the oils I use for my skin

Frankincense helps repair & boost skin renewal meaning healthier, glowing skin...especially as you get a little older 😁🤭

OR if you have noticed a few scales skin patches in your back or body.... you can use this neat - morning & night (only on the exact patch) & it helps remove

PS this is good for squamous cell spots
but NOT melanoma or basal cell carcinoma - PM me a picture if you’re not sure or ask your local skin specialist Want to find out more about the benefits of Frankincense Pure Essential Oil? In Essence talk you through 9 benefits & uses here.

Do you get sick of drinking water all the time but don’t want to add calories?
☀️Refreshing Iced Tea☀️
Had this drink this morning at the local cafe for a bit of a change...

Raspberries & Strawberries & a few blueberries with ??

Any guesses what would go with this?
They didn’t use soda water but you could...
It’s so important to get as much water in during the day from various sources (without too much extra sugar) so your skin doesn’t dry out, look sun weathered or dry & flakey 🥵
#hydrate #icedtea #betterskin

Chia pudding

I’ve had a break from these & had one down at the Mount... it was devine & they are so simple

Use the basic recipe & add your favourites in the morning...

- 1Tbsp organic chia seeds
- 1 cup Almond (or other nut) milk

Mix together & refrigerate overnight

In the morning add your favourites -
- mine are blueberries, a sprinkle of bircher & chopped banana

What’s your favourite topping?

It’s a good time to try new ways of eating - lifestyle eating that gives you more energy, better sleep & a flat tummy 😍

What’s your new “thing” you are wanting to experiment with?
- Keto
- Smoothies
- Chia Puddings
- Açai Bowls
- ???

All of these are great for your skin 🌸🌸

What a daaaay ☀️😍🌴.
Bliss down at the Mount (Maunganui) for some R&R - so good for the soul. .
Nothing like a bit of sun kissed rays hitting the skin (with sunblock on of course) SPF15 .
So what are you? Beach gal/guy for relaxation or other?
#beachbum #rest #regenerate

Tiki touring around the countryside today on our bikes & then in the car.

Great day for some fresh air & sunshine ☀️

So good for the soul (& skin) to spend time with friends, fresh air & having lots of laughs 🤭

What have you done today?

It’s not too late...Xmas or New Year!! .
This is a new decade so it’s the perfect time to start how you mean to go on 👏💪.
Comment below with your biggest skin concern or what you worry most about with your skin & I’ll give you my best advise 💚
#skinsecrets #skinguru #skinsolutions

Back in NZ & I already feel like I may need a smoothie a day to keep the jeans 🤪

Too much eating, celebrating & enjoying family food tends to turn into a few extra cm’s around the middle...

& as I get older - each year - it’s harder to move 😂🤪

So a combo of Liver Tonic supp’s, extra fish oils (better for your metabolism) & some extra greens per day are now on the plan 👍

Best way to stay young - especially if you’re out in the sun and exercising... is to exfoliate 🥵😎
Thought of, usually for younger skins - to get rid of pimples & break-outs BUT is great for breaking down the bonds that stick your skin ON to your face - which need to come off quicker as you get older ....
Enzyme Exfoliates help by gently getting rid of excessive sunblock ingredients, SWEAT, & pollution that sticks onto your skin when it’s HOT .
Use in the shower, scrub gently for 2 mins, then leave on while you wash everywhere else 😊 - giving the enzymes extra time to work...
Then rinse off with water - VOILA - a more hydrated & glowing skin (after moisturising) so you keep looking great for your age 💚
#lookyounger #antiageing #nosweat


The trick is to think ahead...
- dry brush or loofah
- body moisturise liberally 2 days out
- self tan 1 day before
- nails done ✅
- conditioning treatment on hair - 2 days out
- hydrate 💧
- eat plenty of greens the day before & take your vitamins (helps with dehydration & hangovers 😜
- face mask night before - leave on overnight


Back out running with this crew - so nice to be at Lysterfield for some R&R
with @trg_triathlon_multisport .

#running #lysterfield #trailruns
Making sure Xmas Lunch was run off so there’s room for more 🤪
#atetoomuch #xmasday

With the Xmas pud feeling like it’s spread around your middle...

It could be time for one of these 😂😁

Don’t forget your “skin glow” with a green smoothie 💚
& a good flush of excess toxins with extra fiber 😉

Merry Christmas & wishing you every joy for the holiday season as you farewell one decade & look forward with excitement to the next...

There are lots of changes coming for my family & the business...

Starting with a change in location (for a short period) ready for a bigger, more expansive move🦋

What new & exciting things do you have planned?

I’m also celebrating being a Nana for the first time - so let the fun begin 💚🎄✨

Wishing you & your family Happiness & Health (with gorgeous skin) into the New Year💚

Salon re-opens 20th Jan 2020

Get your last minute Xmas gifts in store today!
Gift Vouchers🎄
A few little Gift Packs left which are super cute✨
Lots of stocking fillers 👏

Rashes, lumps & unexpected bumps can come up “out of nowhere” this time of year...

What I have found - is the build up of stress (cortisol) in the body builds up more with the crazy pace of “getting things done” before you finish work, go on holiday, see rele’s you’d rather not...

PLUS the extra alcohol, cheese & crackers, dips & chips...etc,etc
That seem to pass your lips in so called “season on frivolity” can add to the irritation

So to help your skin (& gut) -
1. B R E A T H E - tummy breathing
2. Make sure you get at least 5 (if not 10)mins to YOURSELF to recalibrate
3. Use a soothing AntiOxidant Booster to calm the irritation, hydrate gently & strengthen your poor skin

My favourite is the Intraceuticals AntiOxidant Booster - available in-store for $49

Rash be gone! ✨

Last day to get your orders in for Xmas deliveries...

Last thing you need is NO SKINCARE over the Xmas break 😝😩🥵

Celavive will be available online thru your customer account
(if you don’t have one - PM me)

BUT INTRACEUTICALS will only be available again from mid Jan

Look in your bathroom cupboard & check NOW
PM me if you would like to get an order in time 💚

Going to get a spray tan for the big day?
Xmas Day that is...

Solaire Spray Tan Solutions has bagged the ‘Best Spray Tan Brand’ at the 2019 Luxlife Awards, beating out dozens of competitors.

Citing an impressive list of tanning-industry innovations – including the use of true bases and its flawless and faultless results

– Solaire cemented its place as the premier spray tan manufacturer in the country.

So there you have it. Sorry I don’t do this but find your local one nearby 💚

Over the next free months with the sun & heat - remember to keep an extra sunblock in your handbag 👜 for re-applying during the day

And use an AntiOxidant or Vitamin C repair Booster at night to heal the damage from UV & infared heat (from the car)
- under your night cream 🌟☀️🎄🏖

🌟Just over 2weeks til Xmas 🌟

Have you got all your gifts sorted?

If so - why not treat yourself to an Oxygen Facial to look totally calm, refreshed & stunning for those last minute social engagements
(That would normally make you feel frazzled, harried & lack lustre) 😩

Book in now. Next week there are a few spots left 🦋

Sleep is like medicine - especially for stress levels & saggy skin! Ha!

You’ve heard of Beauty Sleep?

It’s actually a real thing!!

The body can naturally heal & help itself repair & slow down inflammation & premature ageing if it is in an Alpha state by 1am when your growth hormone releases & goes to work.

This also helps cortisol levels go down. Allowing you to feel more rested when you wake up 😊

But here’s the kicker... need to be asleep by 10.30pm

So off you go... bed 😁😍🦋

Some Xmas stocking filler ideas...
...everyone loves some secret skin tips 💚

Things don’t just happen - you have to be intentional


Learn how to do the Smoothies (so they taste good) from the Retreat Day & many more

Get the quantities right +

What foods go with what - to make them nutrient dense, stave off hunger, get your metabolism going, fill you up AND taste good

THIS FRIDAY - 6th Dec 7pm-8.30pm
My House, Bonbeach

Reach out if you’d like to come & I’ll message you my address.

Very casual & low key but as a nutritionist - it will be simple & effective

Baby sizes of all your skin beauties are not only economical but weigh less in your luggage.

If you’re travelling overseas - these sizes can actually go in your carry-on luggage...

Keeping your skin super hydrated on longer flights 😍✈️

Have you got your travel set organised 🎄🎄

Intraceuitcals Travel set -
- cleanser - FREE
- firming serum
- hydrating gel
- moisture binding cream
- full size anti oxidant booster (great for stressed & heat damaged skin) - FREE
In cute carry all bag

Want your business to be the top-listed Health & Beauty Business in Sandringham?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Joint Health AND a Skin Collagen Helper
Glowing Skin Secrets for over 40's
The WINNER of the 1hr Oxygen Infusion Facial to boost collagen naturally is...



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