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Please join us on Thursday 11 March 2.30pm for a cuppa and a chat with Michelle Greenwood founder and president of Invisible Illnesses
Fraser's Landing Community Sales office.
Please join us on Thursday 11 March 2.30pm for a cuppa and a chat with Michelle Greenwood founder and president of Invisible Illnesses
Fraser's Landing Community Sales office.
🌻🌻🌻Bowen therapy is brilliant for kids, helping to calm the nervous system, helping with focus and it can soothe growing pains along with many other great benefits. A session is $30 for kids from 3-16 and it’s a perfect time for a tune up before school begins next week. Call PinjarraHealth & Whole Foods for bookings on 9531 1166 🌻🌻🌻
The Bowen Tree
💚💚💚I have an awesome Bowen Therapy offer for the month of June. Make an appointment for yourself and a friend or family member to receive $20 off both sessions 💚💚💚
Bowen therapy can help boost your immune system so perfect for this time of year 💚
9531 11 66 for bookings
THANK YOU 🌻 Pinjarra Health Foods for supporting our local community. Your generous contribution to The St Joseph’s Primary School Country Fair 🍎 helped us raise over $15 000 for our school.
It will be put to good use to enhance the play and educational facilities for our students. Thank you for being an important part of our fundraising event.
St Joseph’s Primary P&F Association ☀️
We are excited to announce Forensic Healing is now available in store and to celebrate we are offering 2 sessions for $100 save $60... until April 0477831900 for an appointment....
Holistic Energy Healing
I would love everbody to experience Forensic Healing!
Its an amazing system of protocols combining many healing modalities. As detectives we find out the why, where, and when,
your pain, discomfort or negative life patterns started, then gently but powerfully remove and release. This can be a life
changing experience for many, especially if you have spent most of your life blocked and closed off - not feeling.
I am extremely excited to be a conduit to heal with this amazing system.

For April special price of $100 for 2 sessions a saving of $60 ...
Hi there, I just tried to go to your website, but it appears the link does not work. Google seems to think it does not exist. Thanks.
Do you sell nutritional yeast please?
Hey guys!
Give us a yell if you need any fridge door seals replaced in the future, we'd love to help!
Hopefully we can be of service to you!
Call Bruce on 0429441918 or message our Facebook Business Page here > anytime!

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Cath the Naturopath's favourite breakfast 🥙
All these natural ingredients are available in store #yummyhealthyfoods#nutritiousbreakfast


Gut issues – IBS - seems like almost everyone is experiencing some form of gut problem nowadays. Did you know that a large percentage of IBS patients are found to have underlying parasites. Testing the gut microbiome forms a large part of my practice. If you want to know more and resolve your long term gut issues, book an appointment with Cath the Naturopath to discuss further.


The world is full of signs and symbols from the spirit realm, waiting for you to interpret their clues, and as you begin to work with the Psychic Reading Cards you will uncover the hidden language of intuition and reclaim your connection to the universe and all the spiritual wisdom contained within it. Discover the messages of angels, spirit guides, colours, symbols and spiritual realms through 36 cards of higher wisdom and divine guidance. Navigate your life's path, remove limiting obstacles, divine your true love, develop your clairvoyance and heighten your healing senses: the power is in your hands

[04/09/21]   For those of you who don’t know, I am an MB Practitioner. What is MB? It’s a weight loss program aimed at affecting change through diet, by giving you a personalised nutritional program based on your blood parameters. It affects change by rebalancing hormones, reducing inflammation and levelling out your insulin. If you are interested, book a consult with Cath the Naturopath to discuss further.


[04/07/21]   Strange Grains bread is always available in-store, over 8 varieties, frozen/fresh, artisan made, Perth based award winning bakery, No wheat, no gluten, no soy, no corn, no eggs, no gums, no fillers....natural food 🍞😋


Did you know we stock Barf Pet Food🐕🐩🐾

A BARF diet is based on fresh raw foods: raw animal protein (meat, bones and offal), raw vegetables and fruit, raw whole eggs, yoghurt, kelp and healthy fresh herbs.
* No fillers * No chemicals* No colouring
* No preservatives* No heat processing
* No grains * No added sugar or salt 🐾😻


[04/05/21]   Having trouble reading your blood tests? No idea what they mean? I do blood test analysis and would be happy to help you decipher your tests, and identify the links and patterns that may appear. Book with Cath the Naturopath for a consult and let me help you make sense of what is going on in your body.


Lichen sclerosis is a horrible, invasive and uncomfortable condition that many women feel embarrassed about and deeply uncomfortable getting help with. Its actually far more common than you think, and symptomatic relief can be had. If you suffer from this, please book an appointment with me – Cath the Naturopath, and let me aid you in alleviating the symptoms and getting some quality of life back.


Pinjarra Health and Whole Foods's cover photo


It's a great idea to give your environment an energy cleanse 💨at the change of seasons.
We have a good range of sage to choose from ❇️✳️❇️✳️


🌸Back in Stock 🌸
Thompsons Ultra Liver Detox
A herbal complex used traditionally in Western Medicine as protective liver tonic.
* Support natural liver detoxification process
* Enhance liver health & maintain healthy liver function
* To promote bile flow from liver and gallbladder
*Relieve symptoms of indigestion & digestive discomfort.
* Support general health & well-being.


Have you ever heard of the supposedly harmless condition Gilbert’s syndrome? I was wondering why so many of my clients with Gilberts were experiencing such extreme symptoms, oestrogenic issues such as fibrocystic breasts, cyclical migraines and obvious hormonal issues among them. Turns out its not as harmless or asymptomatic as you may have been led to believe.
If you have Gilberts and unexplained health issues, and want to know more, book an appointment with me – Cath the Naturopath to discuss it further.



has a strong healing field that can boost the immune system. It can also work in soothing burns, skin irritations, swelling, and headaches. This stone is known to be beneficial in purifying and strengthening the bloodIt creates a protective energy field around its carrier, assisting in transmuting negative energies within the wearer and protecting them from external negative energies.

Amethyst assists in encouraging our growth towards our higher potential and spiritual expansion. It also brings peace, insight and calmness, and helps insomnia sufferers sleep more easily.


This Clean Protein comes in various flavours, it is a wholesome, creamy, delicious & low sugar complete plant protein blend to help you train recover and tone.

Clean Protein is your perfect workout partner, made from a gut friendly blend of sprouted and fermented pea, brown rice, coconut and pumpkin seed proteins - necessary for the building, toning and repair of muscle mass.


GreenTeaX50 (+ Resveratrol) is a great tasting instant green tea energy drink full of powerful antioxidants which may helps stimulate metabolism, may assist fat loss and assist with the promotion of thermogenesis.

Improved Immune System

Better Digestion

May Assist with fat loss

Slow Release Energy

GreenTeaX50 gives you more energy than energy drinks without the sugar, caffeine or gaurana. It’s also diabetic friendly as green tea helps control blood sugar levels and reduce IGF1 resistance.


A huge amount of my Naturopathic clientele come to see me for gut health imbalances. After doing the Metabolic Balance program my gut felt fantastic, no bloating, no trigger foods, and sooo much energy. Rebalance your gut with MB. Book in with Cath the Naturopath to discuss.


🔥New Product 🔥
Train harder, burn faster and enjoy long-lasting energy with Clean Energy Juicy Peach or Raspberry Lemonade.

Clean Energy is the ultimate no-nasties pre-workout to support your physical and mental performance. Natural non-synthetic sources of caffeine, magnesium, B vitamins and zinc promote fat metabolism, boost muscle function & protein synthesis, provide sustainable energy and support acid-base metabolism.🏋️


Ever wonder what those white spots on your nails are?
It’s a common sign of zinc deficiency. Zinc is hugely important in the body and plays a role in nutrient absorption. You may need to supplement, or book an appointment with Cath the Naturopath if you want to delve further into malabsorption issues.


Happy Sunday😎🤸🤩


I was a dedicated vegetarian for many years before I became a nutritionist and naturopath, but I was a very slack vegie. Even now it is hard for me to make the effort and ensure I get enough protein in my diet. It’s not about cutting out the carbohydrates. Fruit and vegetables are carbohydrates that contain a wealth of vital nutrients, and should not be under-rated, however avoid processed carbs at all costs. It’s all about balance, balance between complex carbs and healthy proteins. Book an appointment with Cath the Naturopath for balance in your diet and life with the Metabolic Balance program.


The Carob Kitchen brings you Australia’s first Banjo Carob Easter Eggs, made with Australian grown organic carob and real cocoa butter.

Made from bean to egg, they have added only the purest of natural ingredients to blend mild yet naturally sweet, smooth carob eggs.
Made with natural ingredients: Milk solids, cocoa butter, organically grown carob powder (24%), natural vanilla extract, emulsifier (GMO-free sunflower lecithin).


Vegan, Gluten-Free & Non GMO. Finally a delicious way to take Apple Cider Vinegar. Get all the age old benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in a delicious Gummy. Shop Now! Enhances Energy. Digestion Aid. Made With "The Mother" Infused With Superfoods


Feel and look fabulous on the Metabolic Balance program. Book an appointment with Cath the Naturopath for an MB consult today.


Caruso's CraveLESS is a 2-in-1, bi-layer tablet with key ingredients that support healthy liver function and glucose metabolism, and also helps to reduce sugar cravings. Caruso's CraveLESS may be used alongside a downloadable, easy to follow, healthy eating and exercise plan.
Caruso’s CraveLESS Health Indications:
• Aids in reducing sugar cravings
• Supports healthy blood sugar
• Assists metabolism of fats
• Supports healthy liver function

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