Inspiring Breaks

Sumptious wellness weekends to retreat and learn. Take time out from the busyness of life and breath in fresh air to reevaluate, renew and revive. Tailor make your own or join our groups of likeminded people.

We provide both wellness weekends and retreats for those looking to nurture their body and mind and find new experiences. We also offer a platform and help design tailor made weekends or design retreats for professionals in the industry needing a boost to start their own. With 15 years travel experience I can help you create some marvellous experiences for your customers.

Mission: Creating solutions for your joy and wellbeing via events and travel with a purpose

Where is your focus right now... take a pause, slow down and refocus. I do this often to take a look with fresh breath and new eyes...success comes from within...What do you want to experience more of after covid or even now?? please share #perspective #focus #wellbeing #success #experiences

#Wellness is about being well in body, mind and spirit (heart and emotions)and knowing how to manage those emotions. The biggest change I have seen in my clients is when they begin to acknowledge how they feel. If you are starting your journey to understand yourself, herewith a great support, #bachflowerremedies

one of the things that helps me through uncertain times, or other emotions I find difficult to deal with are bach flower remedies. Natural and well researched. Herewith a list from the bach flower remedies website to give you an idea of which helps with uncertainty. Uncertainty is not just in crisis, uncertainty pops up in life when you are trying to make a change in your habits or moving countries or changing jobs. It is always great to have a support system in these times. I have set up a support group "thriving through change" for anyone who wants emotional support and tips and tricks to change the way you think, feel and act to navigate challenge and move towards a more authentic you and follow your hearts desires.

Bach Flower remedies For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty
Cerato: Helps trust your own judgment in decision-making.

Scleranthus: Helps when you have a hard time choosing between two things, such as Mexican or Chinese food, you simply can not decide which restaurant to go to.

Gentian: Helps when you get discouraged and depressed when things go wrong or when you are faced with even small delays or difficulty.

Gorse: Helps when you feel great hopelessness, and have given up belief that more can be done.

Hornbeam: Helps when you feel that you do not have sufficient amount of strength mentally or physically to carry the burden that life has placed on you.

Wild Oat: Helps when you are at a crossroad in life and are uncertain as to which direction to choose.

The singing teapot:
The sweet sound of tea steaming pierced my ears
My taste buds awakened
And then even sweeter the sound of bird song
Amid the morning dew and the cool breeze
All seemed well in my world

Your turn post below a short poem with two words as your inspiration...

We have some amazing new things up our sleeve for after covid!! #wakeupslowly #slowing down #soothingmoments #experiences #morningwakeup #travelwithapurpose

Its in times like these creativity can be our biggest support...a way to destress to find new opportinities and learn how to be courageous. What do you do to tap into your creativity???..I am trying to create some new services virtual online retreats?? Who has done them? Who would want to??? What would you be interested in... tips and comments...#retreats #onlinetravel #purpose #creativity #art #supporteachother #businessideas

Flowers and nature are my happy place during this time. Where I become present and feel good...where's your happy place in all this? #happiness #breaks #timeout from time out #stressmanagement #joy #nature #flowers

Our first me time luxury treat #experience was "absolutely amazing. Something different" were the comments. A chance to unwind, get another view on life and go home reinspired and remotivated. A wonderful gift for you or someone you know who needs to take a break from being a mother a father, a worker, a helper and be instead pampered and supported themselves. We offer a variety of me time experiences or vip breaks. Give us a call to find out more. 0497062902. #justanotherdayinwa #metimeđź’• #pampering #lifecoaching #timeout #travelwithapurpose #joydays #groups

Our art of yoga and mindfulness workshop was a great success... at @geraldtonregionalartgallery. A wonderful way to get out of your head and into the world. Mindfulness has helped me on my journey to reach more joy after painful moments, challenging transitions and critical thoughts that have often stopped me moving forward. It's a tool that can be used anywhere, any time, any place. Thanks to all those who joined us and @chantalcrinquand for her lovely yoga session, and the chance to be inspired by amazing art work. #lovewhatido #inspiration #mindfulness #events #timeoutgeraldton #yogamoments @takejoyseriously @ Geraldton, Western Australia

Piers are always amazing places to get creative with your photos... I'm not a photographer but love experimenting, we have some amazing landscapes, and work with some amazing worldclass people to create a private intimate group vip photography or creative break for you or friends or private group. Anywhere... Experiment, play, explore. Come find the photographer or creative in you See through a different lens, gain a new perspective,, capture a moment and make memories!! Maybe you' ll go home reinspired with the natural wonders of life!!! Call us for a quote or suggestions. #jurienbay #photographytours #fun #creativity #experiences #travelwithpurpose #newperspectives #justanotherdayinwa #inspiration @ Jurien Bay Beach

Tours of Geraldton and surrounds|Midwest Adventure Tours|WA Australia

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to mentor and boost start ups on their business journey, some inspiring young people doing great things, such as Cameron Midwest Adventure Tours​. Check out his website if you are in and around Geraldton we use him for his quality intimate tours to create add ons for our inspring breaks Geraldton. #dowhatyouloveandlovewhatyoudo. Are you in tourism or wellbeing and need some help to create some great packages, experiences, guided events or retreats that boost your customers wellbeing? Call me for details on how I can help 0497 062902.

Tours of Geraldton and surrounds|Midwest Adventure Tours|WA Australia

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to mentor and boost start ups on their business journey, some inspiring young people doing great things, such as Cameron Midwest Adventure Tours​. Check out his website if you are in and around Geraldton we use him for his quality intimate tours to create add ons for our inspring breaks Geraldton. #dowhatyouloveandlovewhatyoudo. Are you in tourism or wellbeing and need some help to create some great packages, experiences, guided events or retreats that boost your customers wellbeing? Call me for details on how I can help 0497 062902.

One of my favourite magazines is @wellbeing_magazine with amazing tips to nurture the spirit.. Even better if you find a quiet moment in a space that feels good to you. Reading for relaxation to feel good inside and out!! What's your favourite mag?... whatever you're into you'll always find a mag.. you can also find them at @geraldtonregionallibrary or check out your own local library. Happy reading!! #relaxing #reading #dogheaven #space #nature #transformationaltravel @ White Peak

Mindfulness - Jon Kabat Zinn (Google Talks)

Magic always happens in the in between times, in the silence where you can hear your heart instead of your head.

What is mindfulness?:
'an awareness that arises by paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgementally' - Being present takes effort

it is a type of meditation developed in 1979 by Jon Kabat-zinn for the western world around Buddhist practices. He originally developed a program that he called mindfulness-based stress reduction (mbsr). A combination of 3 different meditation techniques - zen, vipassana and hatha yoga. Initially intended for stress reduction but now used widely for other benefits.

I have practiced since 2007 and spent time with the llamas and Buddhists learning their practices. I use it for my own benefits to get out of my head and stop dreaming to start acting and feel better everyday.

Science has tested the effects:
3mins a day is all you need to start and can be done anywhere:
Great for the brain - It increases our ability to perform better and focus
Mood enhancer
Reduce fear and anxiety- cool ditch the doubt!!
Increase blood circulation - ooh us look younger and age slower -!!!
Better connection to self and others - great relationships
Amongst many other benefits

Find out more from the man himself in the video below and try some out with these links.

Happy days join us in our event the art of yoga to begin your journey together. 23rd january

Inc. Yoga - Corporate Yoga & Meditation [email protected] San Diego - CA

[01/09/20]   We Have a Winner!
Thank you all for participating in our Marshmallow Contest this year. It was really nice to see so much enthusiasm at guessing how many "sweet clouds" were in the jar at The Chiropractic Clinic and @Pollinators - CityHive. A few of you were pretty close to finding the exact number, but there was only ONE participant who was actually spot on!

And the Winner is...

Rochelle Funneman

Who guessed the lucky 110 Marshmallows number!
There were 163 in the jar at Pollinators

Congratulations Rochelle! You have won a beautiful Me-Treat Package that entitles you to:

A Rebalancing Massage to boost your energy
A Realignment Session to define goals, focus & purpose
An Introductory Guided Meditation to soothe your mind
Some Delicious Refreshments to quench your thirst

For those who would love to book this unique experience and weren't a winner, we have our january sales and offering 20% off this wonderful moment.

Please call Maëlle SouLight On Massage Therapy 0475 882 447 or Ersilia on 0497 062 902 to redeem your discount and enjoy your Dream-Treat now!

Wishing you all a happy new year!


Happy new year from inspiring breaks...C'EST la vie...what's life got in store for you this year?... time to be inspired and manifest your dreams... !! Sound good? thats what we live and love to help you do, be happier, healthier, sexier and more vibrant!!! Contact us to start, step into more joy in 2020. With love and happiness for 2020 #newyear photo @ninaadevlin devlin #travelwithpurpose #lifecoaching #womenswellness #coupletours #2020 #peace #emotionalwellness #inspiration

Have a beautiful Christmas full of wonderful moments.... from all at @inspiringbreaks

During our me Time Treat you will receive a massage that will calm the body and mind (see benefits below) to make way for new shifts in your perspective and release any old thinking or emotions. Then with our intuitive guidance session you will learn how to turn your emotions and thoughts around to bring in new and wonderful experiences. Maëlle Be originally from France a trained Masseuse in various methods, guides her hands to the places that most need attention and Ersilia Tarantino an International Intuitive Coach from Take Joy Seriously trained in Emotional Awareness, helps you move forward with confidence & Joy. See more

For those who know me, I can not emphasise enough how the body pain, ache and injuries are a reflection of your emotional state!
Emotions that haven’t been dealt with crystallise in your body and create pain.
Having regular massages can help you in so many ways to improve your mental, physical and emotional health at once!
Here are just few things amongst a huge list of what massage can help you with:
- Massages calm the nervous system
- Massages reduce chronic pain
- Massages promote quality of sleep
- Massages reduce anxiety.
How about that?!
Call us on 089964 4550 to hook an appointment today. Spots are filling up fast with the holidays approaching!
#geraldton#geraldtonwa#everythinggeraldton#bodymindsoul#bodymind#massagetherapy#massage#mumbosslife#workingmums#selfcarethreads#holistichealthcare#consciousawakening#holistichealing#energywork#balances chakras#mindfulness#watourism#westernaustraliatourism#westernaustralia#localbusiness#mumsofperth

ITS COMPETITION TIME.just in time for christmas:
Guess How many Marshmallows in the Jar?? Win a Me time Treat

Inspire yourself and win this luxury self care gift!!, for you or someone you love, a Me Time Treat to feel pampered and delicious again, ready to face any challenge! Our treat is valued at over $250 and we are giving one away:

A delicious pampering massage to relax and unwind
An introductory guided mindfulness relaxation
An introductory focusing lifecoaching session to rebalance your happiness, harmony, purpose & motivation again
A fabulous private natural setting to feel good from the inside out
Soothing refreshments, tea and time out to explore.

For your chance to win, simply guess how many marshmallows in the jar, post below and tag a friend or your partner or someone who you think might love this pressie for christmas.

We also have a jar sitting in @ [201226423283634:274:Pollinators - CityHive] or at @Geraldtonchiropracticcentre for you to take a look and enter to win.

Winners drawn on 19th December in time for Christmas or in time to feel better through the holiday period.

We think that everyone deserves to experience the luxury of a wellness retreat but we know its not always easy to experience it. So we have created an amazing unique introductory offer.

Imagine sipping tea, surrounded by nature, country and ocean views, present and clear with a body that feels relaxed and healthy and direction of where you are going next in life. That feeling can last for months.

A me time 2 hour gift of self care is a bonus not only in the other peoples lives but a bonus in yours too. Do you know the effects of feeling good, I am sure you have felt it, you want to share it with the world, you are open expansive. When someone feels good, they exude attractiveness, they feel sexy and confident, like they can do anything, on top of the world, and of course if you are their partner, you know the benefits of that!!!

Feeling good is the bonus in anyones life and this gift is packed with that extra feel good factor. It allows you to slow down, listen to your own wisdom and focus on yourself.

As this is in a secret location we have limited vouchers, so book now:

A recentering massage to boost your energy
A realignment session (goals, focus, purpose)
An introductory guided meditation
And soothing refreshments
$200 per person

We will be running a competition for that lucky winner with details tomorrow along with our special offer for couples or friends, or mothers/fathers daughters/sons to begin to teach the importance of self care.

For further details contact:

Ersilia 0497062902 [email protected] Or Maelle 0475 882 447

And look out for our bonus and how you can win yourself a prize.
Happy weekend.

In this fast paced world with a million things to do, its easy to feel overwhelmed by the busyness of life. We continue to care for others and don't take time for ourselves. We neglect our needs and then begin to feel exhausted, warn out, make mistakes and if we continue on that path our physical and mental health suffers, and ultimately our relationships

We all know that someone (and this may be you) who puts their family, their friends, their work and the needs of others before their own, and who feel bad if they make time for themselves or self care. Then they complain they are exhausted and never get to do what they want!!

So now is the time to give that person what they need. We at inspiring breaks and @soulight.on.massage have come up with a "self care gift". Instead of trying to convince them to take time off, reward them (or yourself, because you know you deserve it) by gifting some 'me time.

The me time voucher includes:
A recentering massage to boost your energy
A realignment session (goals, focus, purpose)
An introductory guided meditation
And all in beautiful natural setting, with soothing refreshments

For further details contact:
Ersilia 0497062902 [email protected]
Or Maelle 0475 882 447

And look out for our bonus tomorrow and how you can win yourself a prize.

Tropical paradise or #geraldton?! You dont have to go far to take a holiday or time out for self care... it's just about seeing yourself and your surroundings through new eyes, time to dream again. Design your own weekend to support you do that...

too busy, Not got time for a weekend. We are excited to offer a new service that has been co-created with Maelle @soulight.on.massage

Available very soon it is a gift you have been looking for, for you or your loved ones.

A gift that shows your support and love to those near or dear ones... that make your life more splendid

Better then a gadget that may get used and then left aside!! A chance to try a new kind of present. Time is a commodity you cant buy it but you can gift an experience that gives it....

Watch this space for more info!!
#support #timeout #dream #love #christmasgifts #coaching #creating #destress

Inspiring Wellness Breaks

Take time out to retreat & learn. Transform through breaks that reawaken your spirit, your purpose, your passions and your motivation for business & life.

Inspiring breaks was created around the concept of transformation taking place on an intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual level to find balance. When we get busy we forget to take time out and connect to ourselves, the world and each other. When we go away we give ourselves a chance to look at life from a different perspective, break those habits and go home re inspired, reknewed and rejuvenated with new ideas. It can transform our lives and our relationships, bringing more joy, allowing us to destress and move change.

Hi I’m Ersilia the founder and owner of Inspiring breaks, both a travel industry expert & enthusiast, professionally trained intuitive and excellence coach. I have bought all my experience together to create a package of delightful experiences to explore your beautiful self and orgasm on good vibes!!!

I worked for a long time in the tourist industry taking people on holiday to see beautiful places but realised it wasn’t the places but the experiences that people had along the way that they remembered. The people they met and the challenges they endured. I became good at creating feel good experiences and decided to turn that into Inspiring Breaks.

They are based on nourishing all aspects of body, mind and spirit. It gives you ideas and solutions to have fun, be challenged, change your ideas about yourself and what you can achieve or crazy ideas to bring the love and lust back into your relationships.

Check out our website or email Ersilia on [email protected] to find out more.

We also support Coaches and Wellbeing experts to create their own marvellous retreats.

Love yourself, live your joy and create an inspired life......

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