Transform Personal Training Perth

Transform Personal Training Perth


Not only has Ryan supported me in creating a well structured ,thought out and ultimately a quality program for my own specific needs ,he has been a great mentor to me always living life to his highest potential and honestly supporting others to be the best that they can be in any regards,he is a man of his word and i would highly recommend his valuable service to anyone with no doubt at all

Perths Premier Personal Training Service Transforming lives through individualized and evidence based exercise prescription I am a passionate coach/trainer with the right dose of science and practicality to back up my methods.

Qualifications: BSc. Exercise Science ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer SMA Sports Trainer

Perth's Premier Personal Training Service Transforming lives through evidence based exercise prescription

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2 Hands Anyhow

🤹‍♀️2 HANDS ANYHOW 🤹‍♀️


The 2 hands anyhow is one of my favorite Kettlebell exercises for balance, mobility, stability, and overall athleticism.

It's also my number one party trick Kettlebell exercise to bust out in front of the camera 😏


- -

To be able to do this, you must first be able to overhead squat and clean

- -

To do this, grab two bells, and place them just in front of you

- -

Clean and jerk or snatch one of the bells up into the overhead fixation position

- -

With one bell overhead, slowly descent into an overhead squat, keeping your eyes on the bell at all times

- -

As you lower, grab the other bell on the floor with your free hand, all the while maintaining the position overhead of the first bell

- -

This is where it becomes tricky. While balancing one bell overhead, you must slide your other hand into the handle of the bell on the ground, and curl it up onto your chest. I like to use my knee for support.

- -

From here, simply stand up with one bell in the clean position on the chest, and the other overhead

- -

This one takes a lot of time and practice, so be patient, start light and work at it!

- -

2 Hands Anyhow Having some fun during a photoshoot ------------ Got a training question you want answered? Drop a comment below or flick an email through to ...


Our bodies are wired since infancy to move

We have 7 gross movement patterns (gait, squat, hinge, push, pull, twist, lunge) our bodies are built for.

These 7 represent a baseline in terms of functional capacity

Every human being should be able to express these 7 in some capacity as an absolute minimum.

Further to these 7, there are several more deep (developmental) patterns embedded into us.

Mastery of these is pre-requisite to basically any other movement:

- - -

Global Flexion
Side Lying
Global Extension
Tall Kneeling
1/2 Kneeling
Split Stance

- - -

Re-claiming mastery of these fundamental patterns may mean taking a step back in the short term in order to take two steps forward in the long term.

- -

Unfortunately though, we are in a race driven culture obsessed with bigger, better, and faster all the time and that means we pay less attention to quality of movement in exchange for trying to get more reps, more weight, in less time ect

- -

Shift the focus of your training every so often (especially following a hard training block or completion) and spend a month dedicated to mastery of these most innate primal patterns.

- -

It can be treated as a deload or offseason, or “pre-Hab” block.

- -

Starting with breathe.

Breathing is the most important and fundamental movement pattern of all💨

- -

"If breathing cannot be normalised, no other movement can" - Pavel Kolar

- -

Spend some time during your warmup and cool down in the 90/90 position and work on proper 360 breathing mechanics. This will benefit literally everything else you do in the gym.

- -

Really though, these are patterns we should be practicing and challenging all the time to reverse the implications of our modernized lifestyles.

- -


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"Whether You Think You Can, Or You Think You Can't, You're Right"

Superhero Slam Ball Workout



Slam Balls are a great exercise tool for developing explosive power through the whole body

They also make for a great energy systems conditioning workout when done in intervals

- -

A1) Ascending Slam Ball Ladder
A2) 50m Sprint

Rest 30 sec, repeat for total 6 rounds

- -

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Core strength is another widely discussed area in fitness circles with many different opinions and standpoints

Thanks to quality research and the pioneering work of several key individuals in the physical therapy and strength & conditioning fields, a solid basis now exists by which to make informed practical applications

Simple sit ups and crunches and abdominal hollowing exercises are now the old, and by themselves are not the best solution for maximising core strength from both a performance and rehabilitation perspective

- -

The core muscles should work as an integrated unit to help stabilise and transmit forces through the entire body (from the extremities - hands, feet) whilst protecting the spine, internal organs and allowing proper breathing.

This can be trained through loaded (farmers walks, kb windmills, TGU) and unloaded (Supermans, ring fallouts, hollow rocks, plank variations)

More specifically the core muscles have been better understood to play a function in reducing unnecessary moments on the spine during gross movement, which are considered less than beneficial for net force transference.

Force transference is what a lot of it all really comes down to, and is how our bodies communicate with the external word/environment.

- -

So there is less priority given now to “crunching” and “bending” exercises to “feel the burn” in the core muscles as there is to preventing these motions

Hence why there is a whole series of training now concerning “anti” core training (anti-extension, anti-lateral flexion, anti-rotation) concerning the conservation of spinal movement to allow better force transference, and optimally more movement / range of motion to be achieved or accessed in areas such as the hips and shoulders which are anatomically better designed to do so.

This is the prevailing postion held in the industry currently, mainly thanks to the work of Dr.Stuart McGill’s.

- -

The role of breathing, bracing, IAP (intra-abdominal pressure) the diaphragm, and associated key structures such as pelvic and ribcage position are now also considered especially important when discussing core strength (DNS, PRI), and warrant further investigation in another post.

However there is also emerging evidence suggesting that gradually training the spinal and core muscles to become better adapted to these extreme end range positions (end flexion and extension) is actually achievable through purposeful training (Jefferson curls, back bridges, pancakes), and further to this is the frameworks for understanding the spine and human locomotion coming out of WeckMethod

- -

Bottom line is, the world of exercise science is constantly expanding and evolving, so never rest upon or get too stuck on one particular methodology ;-)

- -


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Post activation potentiation is a heavily discussed area of literature in strength & conditioning and exercise science research

Utilising the potential of the CNS (central nervous system) PAP allows for short term increases in athletic performance

Our physical bodies, specifically, the musculoskeletal system, is just slabs of meat without nervous system innervation

Utilising the power of the nervous system, specifically, the sympathetic, we can precede our competitive or athletic events (I.e 100m sprint, 1RM back squat) with a non fatiguing “activation” activity (vertical jump, box jump, plyometrics) to upregulate CNS activity

The premise behind this is that the first exercise will help facilitate performance increases on the main activity through improved muscle fibre recruitment (fast twitch) and strength/speed/coverage of nervous impulse as a result of the nervous system being pre activated

By this same token, re training of the nervous system can lead to improvements in re-claiming of limb function over time in quadriplegics and other clinical cases


While our CNS can be upregulated to boost performance and athletic outcomes, just as important is the other side of the switch or downregulating CNS activity as required to facilitate proper rest and digests processes aka recovery

This is an often under emphasised aspect of fitness that is slowly gaining more attention through devices such as float tanks, cryo therapy and meditation, however as always, cover the basics (plenty of sleep, fun, laughter, and sound nutrition) and you'll be just fine ;-)


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The kettlebell single leg deadlift is an advanced deadlift variation

This exercise will increase single leg strength, core strength, balance, and proprioception

It will also help correct strength imbalances between legs (if one leg is stronger than the other)

- Keep hips square / facing forward at all times
- Grip floor with big toe, little toe, and heel (tripod stance)
- Ensure a neutral spine at all times (back straight)
- Soft or slight bend in knee's
- Lockout glutes at top (squeeze coin between buttcheeks)

1. Holding bell with both hands
2. Holding bell with opposite hand to working leg
3. Holding bell with hand same side as working leg

The kettlebell single leg deadlift is an advanced deadlift variation This exercise will increase single leg strength, core strength, balance, and propriocept...




The kettlebell halo is another foundational kettlebell exercise

It teaches how to be comfortable moving the kettlebell around the head, which helps with learning more dynamic movements.

It can also be used an exercise to improve shoulder flexibility, core strength, posture, and body linkage.

- Shoulder width stance
- Keep ribcage down / abs engaged
- Don't lean back
- Glutes squeezed tight
- Elbows in close at all times

The kettlebell halo is another foundational kettlebell exercise It teaches how to become comfortable moving the kettlebell around the head, which helps with ...




Difficulty Level: Advanced
- - -
5-10 min dynamic warmup, then:
10 Rounds of:
5 Hand to Hand Swings Moving Forward
5 Slingshot Lunges Moving Backwards
Cool down: 10min

The trick is to flow with the bells and not try and force the pattern

Sharp exhale on the backswing and upswing on swings, and during the catch on slingshot

10min cool down

- - -

KETTLEBELL WORKOUT SEQUENCE 1 --- 5-10 min dynamic warmup, then: Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 mins 1 Round = - 3 REVERSE FLIPS - 3 SNATCHES LEFT ...



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The Kettlebell goblet squat is a foundational kettlebell exercise

This is one of the best ways to learn the squat movement pattern correctly before advancing onto barbell and other variations of the squat

Key Points
- Feet shoulder to slightly wider than shoulder width apart
- Toes facing forward or turned slightly out
- Grip floor with feet (big toe, little toe, heel)
- Keep elbows in and tight to the body
- Abs engaged, ribcage down, glutes squeezed before squatting down
- Imagine 'sitting on the toilet' when squatting down
- Push through the center of the foot
- Knee's tracking over 2nd toe

The Kettlebell goblet squat is a foundational kettlebell exercise This is one of the best ways to learn the squat movement pattern correctly before advancing...




Learn the kettlebell deadlift, one of the fundamental kettlebell lifts and human movement patterns (hip hinge) by watching the video below!

Watch this clip to learn how to master this fundamental movement!

- - -

- Shoulder to slightly wider than shoulder width stance
- Toes forward
- Grip floor with big toe, little toe, and heel (tripod stance)
- Drive hips back, soft knees (slight bend)
- Squeeze triceps and lats when gripping bell (no bend in elbows)
- Back stays straight at all times
- Push the floor away to stand up
- Squeeze coin between butt cheeks at top
- Bell starts and finishes mid-foot (between laces)
- Exhale at top and bottom of movement

Perform 10 handle taps to practice the hinging pattern, then do 10 full deadlifts

The kettlebell deadlift is a great way to teach the correct hinging movement pattern, and also serves as the basis for all other kettlebell lifts. Watch this...




Difficulty Level: Advanced

- - -

5-10 min dynamic warmup, then:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 mins

1 Round =

10min cool down

- - -

KETTLEBELL WORKOUT SEQUENCE 1 --- 5-10 min dynamic warmup, then: Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 mins 1 Round = - 3 REVERSE FLIPS - 3 SNATCHES LEFT ...

Transform Personal Training Coaching Philosophy - YouTube


Check out our coaching philosophy video for an in depth look at our training principles and approaches

The is a difference between simply "working out" and training, exercise and competition, and long term client / athlete development (training for longevity vs quick fixes)

- - -

1. Intent is everything
2. Long term consistency trumps short term intensity
3. Train movements
4. Have fun
5. Community
6. 1% better each day
7. Find balance (recovery / training)
8. Fitness / Health / Wellbeing
9. Approach warm ups and cool downs like the rest of your workout
10. Be extraordinary

- - -

Coaching Philosophy Video by MVP Discussing our approach to training clients, training philosophy principles, and innovations in exercise science -- 1. IN...

Galleria Podiatry Interview

Check out this informative interview with Galleria Podiatry at the Neasham Strength & Conditioning 3rd birthday open day

Balanced training programs consider all aspects of fitness and the body as a whole, integrated unit

Interview with Galleria Podiatry at the Neasham Strength & Conditioning Third Birthday Open Day Oct 7th 2017 http://galleriap...



Try This Bodyweight Burner To Boost Energy Levels!

10min Warmup, Then:

10-1 Descending Ladder of;


Rest 3Min, Then 10 - 1 Descending Ladder:


10min Cool Down

Enjoy ;-)

ABC Australia


- - -

The benefits of structured resistance training have been demonstrated time and time again by research, but its taken time for this to trickle down to the general public.

Mainly due to the barrage of misleading gimmicks, marketing and info (i.e garbage) people are constantly being exposed to which is a sad reality of the current 'fitness industry' we are in which values profit over truth.

- - -

Sarcopenia is a natural process of decline in muscle mass with age, and lifting weights, specifically, explosive movements which target type 2 fibers has been shown to mitigate and even reverse this process.

- - -

Further to this, proper resistance training can also maximize bone mineral density which is important to prevent fractures with old age.

Strong bones are just as important as strong muscles.

- - -

Then there is also the hormonal, metabolic, neural (balance, proprioception) and mental benefits which are just as important, especially for our ageing population.

- - -

Bottom line is you should lift weights, no matter your age, gender, or goals!


What kind of exercise should we be doing, how much exercise do we need, and how hard should push ourselves?

Catalyst: How To Exercise Better - tonight from 8.30pm on ABC TV.

Catalyst |


Who says you can't train and still have fun??


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