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Cindy Graham-Schmidt

Build your INNER CONFIDENCE and a rock solid MINDSET one courageous step at a time. Cindy Graham-Schmidt | Life Coach Free resource: ☆Courage Boost☆ at

Asking powerful questions is my kind of jam! #proudlifecoach

And this one here is an amazing one to ask yourself.

I recommend to journal on it to see what comes up. To find out where the gap is between what you want to believe and what you actually believe about yourself at the moment.

I've changed a lot over the years.

I'm not afraid of change.

I'll continue to change and grow in the future, because I have the courage to let go of things and embrace who I'm becoming.


"I am a human being, meant to be in perpetual becoming. If I am living bravely, my entire life will become a million deaths and rebirths. My goal is not to remain the same but to live in such a way that each day, year, moment, relationship, conversation, and crisis is the material I use to become a truer, more beautiful version of myself." - Glennon Doyle


Do you embrace who you're becoming?

I'll make this one short and sweet.

Here are 4 tips to help you tackle procrastination:

1️⃣ Forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past!

2️⃣ Minimise all distractions and just start by taking the very first step.

3️⃣ Ask someone to check up on you. #accountability

4️⃣ Change your thinking from "I have/need to..." to "I choose to...". #takeyourpowerback

That's it! #justdoit

📌 Save this post as a reminder.

Currently craving & indulging in...

☀️ sunshine and blue skies
🥛 chai lattes and sweet treats
🕛 time to rest and recharge
📴 regular social media breaks
📚 reading books and magazines
🍲 cooking hearty meals
📺 watching great movies with my little one
🗨️ deep and meaningful conversations

What are you craving? 💜

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Train your brain to believe in yourself, so you can start making your dreams and ideas happen.

Impossible or I'm possible?

The choice is yours!


When you worry what other people might think about you…

When it stops you from being your true authentic self…

When you feel kind of lost and like you’re holding yourself back…

I’ve been there.

I’ve felt shy, akward and lonely for a very long time.

Back then, I thought my introversion is the thing that’s holding me back.

I was so wrong. I know now that being an introvert is one of my biggest strengths.

💜 It makes me a deep feeler and thinker.
💜 It makes me empathetic and caring.
💜 It allows me to build genuine and deep connections with other people.
💜 And it allows me to dream big!

The thing that was holding me back though, was my mindset and all the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs I held onto.

Coming to this realisation felt so liberating. It meant that I could finally stop telling myself and others that that’s just what I’m like…

It meant I could actually change my story.

And I did!

And so can YOU. 💜

The way we talk to ourselves matters! So choose your words wisely and don't let your inner critic run the show.

Here are some helpful thoughts and mantras you might like to try:

💜 "I'm enough."

💜 "Self-care isn't selfish."

💜 "My dreams matter."

💜 "Progress over perfection."

Which one do you like the most?

So you decided to do something...

You might have decided to
🚶🏻‍♀️ create a new habit or
📸 start a new hobby.

And yet…
you find yourself procrastinating and making excuses.

We’ve all been there and that’s ok.

If you really want to do something about it though, I recommend you remember your why!

Remind yourself why you wanted to take this action to begin with and make sure your motivation is phrased in a positive and encouraging way.

It’s a lot easier to take action when it doesn't mean denying yourself something! 😊

What’s one thing you procrastinate on?

Are you practicing gratitude regularly?

If not, I'd recommend getting yourself a gratitude buddy.

If you practice gratitude daily with someone you love, it doesn't just keep you accountable but also helps you to connect even deeper with the other person.

It can be as easy as sharing your 3 favourite moments of the day with one another.

Give me 💜, if you love the idea of having a gratitude buddy.

💐 Thank you! 💐

Thank you for following, reading, watching and sharing what I put out in the world! Thank you for choosing me to support you on your journey!

Helping you makes a difference in my life too and I'm beyond grateful that I get to do this kind of work for and with you! So truly, thank you! 💜

Let today be the day you start embracing your true self and the life you want to create for yourself. 💜

Let today be day one and not one day. 💜

Courageous Living starts in a couple of hours.

See you there!

The thing you can’t stop thinking about…

The thing that keeps playing on your mind and tugging at your heart…

The idea you don’t dare to pursue, but can’t really let go off either…

The thing you’d really love to have, but are too scared to go for…

How would it feel to just give it a go?
What could go right?
What could you gain?

Sometimes we need a little push to just #dothething and I’m here to give you exactly that!

Join me for my Courageous Living workshop tomorrow and learn tools to help you overcome fear and create the life you want.

CLICK the link below to register for your spot.

See you tomorrow! 🤗

Today I heard the beautiful Ellie Swift share this great quote by Brené Brown and I really wanted to share it with you too.

It resonates with me so much, because this is exactly the reason why I developed my Courageous Living workshop.

It’s such an amazing experience and feels so liberating to show up as your true self and connect with people because of it and not because you pretend to be something you’re not.

Let people see who you truly are and give them the opportunity to connect with the “real” you! 💜

And if that’s something you’re afraid of doing, check out my workshop on Friday.

Let’s build your inner confidence and overcome your fear of judgement. 💜

If you’d have all the self-believe in the world, what things would you do?

Share in comments. 😊

What do you want your life to look like?

Do you know how to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Could dropping some should and embracing who you truly are help you to get there faster?

In my online workshop ⚡Courageous Living⚡ on Friday, I’ll give you tools and tangible actions to take so you can create the life you want.

You’ll discover what courageous living looks like for you and how you can show up for yourself every day.

CLICK the link below to get your ticket.
Spaces are limited.

No better time than now to learn tips on setting boundaries that support you and the people close to you, is there?

Check out the video I made for you earlier this week, if you haven't already.

Happy weekend! 💜

💜 Would you love to connect with people who you can talk to about anything? Yes, anything - including your quirks and "embarrassing" interests!

💜 Would you love to skip the small talk and go straight for the deep and meaningful conversations you crave?

💜 That would feel amazing, wouldn't it?

A lot of the womxn I talk to crave meaningful and supportive friendships and it shows up for almost all my clients as well.
Often what holds us back from creating those relationships though is us!

We tend to hold back and don’t talk about what’s really going on for us, because we try to avoid feeling embarrassed or ashamed. This is exactly what buildsgenuine connection with others though.

💜 To find like-minded people that get you, you need to let yourself be seen for who you really are.

💜 Don’t be ashamed of your quirks and funny interests. Show them. They’re the things that’ll help you to find and connect with your people. The people that’ll really get you.

Still unsure? Listen to my client Rebecca:

“My friends have seen me grow in confidence, and I have become more open which in return attracts the right people into my life. I feel supported now and like I am being my authentic self. I have let go of fearing judgement.”

If you'd love to show up and let go of fear of judgement, check out my ⚡Courageous Living⚡ workshop next Friday.

It’s getting cooler here in Perth and I love wearing all my warm & comfy clothes and sipping my chai latte. #hyggelife 💜

I also love working from home and that I can even run my workshop online, which means that YOU can attend from the comfort of your own home – snuggly blanket and favourite hot beverage included. 😊

“But isn’t your workshop about Courageous Living?” I hear you ask… Yes! It is, but choosing courage over comfort doesn’t mean pushing yourself to do things that feel scary and uncomfortable ALL THE TIME. Not at all...

Courageous Living is about creating a life that YOU enjoy instead of living your life in a way other people tell you to.
You get to choose what your courageous life looks and feels like! 💜

And if it looks like snuggling up on the couch while practicing to show up as your true authentic self in front of other like-minded womxn, then you’ll fit right into my workshop next Friday.

CLICK the link below to check out all the details and get your ticket.

Courageous Living is about embracing ALL of who you are and doing the things you CHOOSE to do rather than doing what you think you should do to please other people. 💜


What comes to your mind when you ask yourself that question??

Let me tell you, fear of judgement sucks and for the longest time I let it influence my life. Until I had enough.
I decided to not let it hold me back anymore and that the opinion about myself that I value the most is my own.

If YOU want to embrace who you truly are and drop a lot of shoulds along the way, then come to my online workshop Courageous Living next Friday.

CLICK the link below to find out all the details and get your ticket.

"I highly recommend working with Cindy if you're ready to adopt a brave mindset and say yes to yourself more!" - Cameron

Setting boundaries that support you and your relationships

Check out my new video on setting boundaries that support you! 💜

How to set boundaries in relationships, with family or friends.


It was so much fun last time I played two truths and one lie. So let’s play it again.

Guess which one is the lie from the 3 statements below.

1. I was born and raised in Germany.
2. I can’t stop singing along to Frozen songs.
3. I’ve always loved being an introvert.


Is there anything in your life you’d love to change?


And have you actively changed the way you approach this area of your life?


Well how about we change that?

Because nothing changes if nothing changes, right?

But it’s up to you to take that first step!

Send me a DM, if you want to actively create a life you enjoy, because I currently have TWO open spots for 1-on-1 life coaching and one of them could be yours today.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Just imagine what your life could be like and feel like with a whole lot of inner confidence and a strong mindset that enables you to tackle anything.

Message me to have a chat about how you can change things up in your life starting today. 💜

“Through all these shifts in my life, I feel aligned, passionate and excited about my present and future. Cindy, I cannot thank you enough for coaching me through this period of transformation in my life.” – Laetitia

It only takes a moment of courage to say yes to an exciting but scary opportunity!

Added up though, those moments of courage will create confidence and self-believe.

✅ Which exciting opportunity could you create for yourself today by saying yes?

⚡Courageous Living⚡ is...

✅ a workshop that teaches you ways to fear less and create the life you want.
✅ a workshop that helps you to accept yourself with all your quirks.
✅ a workshop that gets you to dream big and take inspired action.
✅ a workshop that enables you to set healthy boundaries that feel good.

Tickets are limited to ensure an intimate group setting where everyone can feel heard and seen, because being courageous does not mean you have to do it all alone.

Is it time to build YOUR inner confidence and to let go of your self-doubt?

Then get a ticket and start your journey of living more courageously.

There’s no better time than NOW! 💜

Do you struggle with fear of judgement and feel like your hiding parts of yourself?

Do you miss having deep and meaningful connections in your life?

If you answered yes, then my upcoming workshop is for YOU!

⚡Courageous Living – Drop the shoulds and embrace who you truly are⚡ is a small and intimate group workshop where you’ll learn how to deal with fear of judgement and where you’ll feel seen and heard.

It goes beyond the typical small talk… promise!

Get your ticket now, because there’s only a very limited number of them available.

Simply CLICK the link below to join.

Have the courage to make time for yourself and your dreams!

This one is for my fellow mamas! 💜⁠

When I had my little one nearly four years ago, I constantly put myself last.⁠
That’s just what we do as mothers, right?⁠

At least that’s what I thought….⁠

Turns out that this was just a thought I had that was neither a fact nor did it support me.⁠
It was a limiting belief that I held onto for far too long and I've got a feeling that you might struggle with this too.⁠

Now let me tell you, I love my child and always want the best for her, BUT that doesn’t mean that I only get whatever is left…⁠
And when I say that I’m not just talking about you eating your child’s leftovers for lunch! (Yes, I've done this too...) 🍕⁠

What I’m mainly talking about here is TIME. ⏲️⁠

When you go about your day thinking that⁠
❌ there’s just not enough time…⁠
❌ or you don’t even have a minute to breath….⁠
❌ or you just don’t get a break….⁠

Then guess what… You won’t!⁠

It’s up to us to make time for ourselves!⁠
It’s up to us to change our mindset and decide that today we'll take a few minutes to do something for us! And then we go ahead and actually do it!⁠

Telling ourselves that we’re busy busy busy and that there's no time for our dreams isn't serving us.⁠

I trained to become a life coach when I lived in a new city whithout family or friends, without day care and with my husband working in a new full-time position.⁠
I didn’t “have” the time to study. I made the time!⁠
I made time, because it was my dream and because doing something for myself felt amazing and energising.⁠

⏲️ We never just magically have enough time. We need to make the time!⁠

So I'm asking you, what’s one thing you’re going to make time for this week that is for YOU, mama? 💜

Are you tired of feeling like no one understands you, no one cares, or no one really listens?

Would you rather feel inspired, motivated and empowered?

Then join me for my ⚡Courageous Living⚡ workshop on 8th May and learn what you can do to support yourself.

CLICK the link below to find out all the details.

Here’s to living a courageous life that you love! 💜

Recently I was asked what’s the most effective way to INCREASE CONFIDENCE.

Here’s what I said: Work on your mindset and change the way you think about yourself.

To do this, I recommend you start with the 4 STEPS below ⬇️
1️⃣ Write down the thoughts you have about yourself – the positive and the negative ones.

2️⃣ Rephrase the negative ones into thoughts that support you. For example, you could change “I have no self-confidence.” to “Self-confidence is a quality I practice and learn about every day.” Use words that motivate and inspire you.

3️⃣ Make a list of EVERYTHING you’ve done in the past that made you feel proud of yourself.

4️⃣ Do something that scares you every day. 😱

Maybe you can tell that I love writing lists… Let me assure you that this alone won’t produce the long lasting change you want though. You need to take action too! So don’t skip the 4th step. I know you’ll want to. 😉

I have done all of things above and it has helped me immensely on my journey to inner confidence. That’s how I know that if you’re committed and bring up the courage to take all four steps, it can honestly change your life.

And if you’re tired of being the shy and quiet one, but feel a bit scared to start this journey alone, check out my signature 1-on-1 coaching program ⚡YOUR COURAGEOUS LIFE⚡. I’d love to support you. Just CLICK THE LINK below to find out how coaching will help you.⁠ 💜⁠

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