Adam Yeates Physio

Adam Yeates Physio

Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist at Fieldwork Health I am a university qualified Allied Health Professional and Strength Coach based out of Perth, Western Australia.

I have completed my Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Graduate Diploma in Exercise Physiology and was previously enrolled in Masters of Physiotherapy at Curtin University for three years before deciding to step away from the world of acute injury rehabilitation, and more concertedly focus my career back to my passion of physical training, nutrition and behavioural psychology.

Operating as usual


New adventures ahead.
Welcoming @adamjyeates to the Forte Team.
An experienced practitioner with a keen Interest in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal injury. Also a very keen interest in the strength and conditioning of athletes and general population.
We are glad to have his expertise available to our valuable clients and thank you all for the wonderful welcoming! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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New adventures ahead.
Welcoming @adamjyeates to the Forte Team.
An experienced practitioner with a keen Interest in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal injury. Also a very keen interest in the strength and conditioning of athletes and general population.
We are glad to have his expertise available to our valuable clients and thank you all for the wonderful welcoming! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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From June 29th we will be reopening the clinic up from 8am to 7pm 📣

So for everyone needing a later appointment with one of our Physiotherapists or Remedial Massage Therapists, time slots will now be available 😄👍🏼

Feel free to call the clinic on ☎️ 6468 6825 or book online here ⏩

From June 29th we will be reopening the clinic up from 8am to 7pm 📣

So for everyone needing a later appointment with one of our Physiotherapists or Remedial Massage Therapists, time slots will now be available 😄👍🏼

Feel free to call the clinic on ☎️ 6468 6825 or book online here ⏩


First day back in the clinic feeling pretty dam good.
After a short closure, we are excited to announce that we are slowly opening our clinic doors.
It's been a strange time and a huge adjustment for all of us, so we are hoping that being able to provide face-to-face services, we can offer some relief to all of our lovely clients!
Our first week back in the clinic will be next week! Starting Monday 11th May!
To ensure the safety of our community, social distancing guidelines, and superb hygiene, we have limited our clinic hours.
My Current Clinic Hours*:

Monday: 12pm - 6pm
Tuesday: 12pm - 6pm
Thursday: 12pm - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 2pm
To book an appointment, click the link in bio or head to our website!
Look forward to seeing you in the clinic again soon!


💥We are still open for 1:1 Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology💥 .

As advised by the Federal Minister of Health Greg Hunt, and as now recommended by Australian Physiotherapy Association and Exercise & Sports Science Australia, Allied Health providers are ENCOURAGED TO CONTINUE OPERATING AT THIS TIME.🙌

However, whilst we are strictly adhering to sanitization and spacing rules, we are very aware that not everyone currently has the capacity to make it into the clinic.

Whether you are awaiting quarantine timeframes to finish, feeling unwell, looking after children, or are experiencing financial difficulties but are still in pain – we can still help you.

We strongly urge you to utilise the option of online consultations through our Telehealth Service.💻

We know this experience is going to be a different Physio experience for you. But what is different? It is simpler, more convenient and cheaper for you.

You will receive an email link with forms to fill in if you are a new patient to our clinic, a link for secure online payment, and then a final link will be sent to start the video consultation with your physio 👨‍💻👩‍💻

This is all completed through Physitrack, which many of our clients will already be familiar with! Their system keeps all communication encrypted, allows us to also screenshare and show you demonstrations of out library of rehabilitation exercises 🏋️‍♀️.

We know that for many people, Physiotherapy means a lot of “hands on treatment”, 💆‍♂️ however, this is only a small part of what helps you. Research has shown us that you communicating your concerns to us, and us educating you on what is going on and how to manage is just as effective as in-person Physiotherapy.

Lastly, we know you’re going to have questions about this. We’re just a phone call or message away ☎️

For more information or to set up your Telehealth consultations, you can call us in clinic on 08 6468 6825.


Training, and even rehab do NOT have to be pain-free

Just because something hurts, doesn’t mean you should abandon everything to do with that movement pattern and run for the hills.

Being fearful of a certain exercise or movement causing pain and further injury is understandable, we’ve all been there, and myself far more than I’d like to admit 😅.

The vast majority of the time there is going to be an alternative movement pattern or loading variation that you are still able to do...

✅ Change the technique,
✅ Change the loading,
✅ Change the range of motion,
✅ Change the tempo,

Find a tolerable starting point 🚦, begin progressively overloading this, and develop capacity back in the movements that once caused pain symptoms.
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Powerlifting prep isn’t always smooth sailing, especially as the weights get heavier and heavier. Some things get sore, other things get tight, but hey, you’ve got some goal numbers to hit on the platform.🏋️

A little bit of soft tissue work and prehab can make a world of difference and make the business end of prep just that little bit easier.

To help, we’re offering 20% off all Physio services with Adam until the 10th of May, 2020.

Tag someone who might need a little TLC heading into their comp ❤️

APL and Novice Comp Prep competitors also welcome!
DM for info
or Book in Now ⤵️


"Why does my elbow hurt during Bench Press?!"

Let’s keep this simple 🧐

Getting out of pain when pressing doesn’t have to be unnecessarily complicated. To break it down, we look at the demand on the elbow 💪 when pressing.

When we go through a bench press, or overhead press 🏋🏻‍♂️, our shoulder is mostly externally rotated at the very bottom position. When we externally rotate the shoulder this also facilitates an “opening up” of the wrist and forearm, which we call supination.

However.. when benching or pressing we’re fixing our hand and wrist to the barbell 🤜🏻, so the forearm stays relatively pronated. This puts a large amount of force 💥 through the soft tissues around the elbow 💪 If this exceeds the amount of force 💥 those tissues are currently capable of tolerating, they may become sensitive.

There are a few ways to attack this:

If you can increase ↗️ the strength and load capacity of the soft tissue around the elbow 💪, then your pressing work is going to be more easily ✅ tolerated.

In some cases, we need to look a bit deeper...

We can look upstream of the elbow to the shoulder, at whether you have sufficient external rotation range through your shoulder.

Someone who is a decently muscular individual, having the mobility to achieve this bottom position may be difficult, causing disproportionately loaded forces 💥 through the elbow.

You may have the external rotation range 🙌🏼, but not be able to stabilize or control your technique adequately through the press. Again, this can cause forces to be loaded disproportionately through the elbow.

Elbow pain when pressing has a number of factors to consider, and as you may have already experienced can affect the squat and deadlift.

If you experience any of these issues, come along to our ✨Overhead Pressing Workshop✨ on Wednesday, March 11, where some of our team will be breaking this down in even more detail. Give our clinic a call on ☎️ 08 6468 6825 or DM 📩 for more info!


Training hard doesn't always mean training hard.

Simply put, going all out every day in training is not going to set you up to progress for tomorrow, next week or next year.

We should be approaching each individual training session as an opportunity to potentiate the next.

Sometimes, those that train hard need to learn how to pull back harder.

Learn how to work hard. But also learn how to get out of the way of your body’s recovery process.

The top-level athletes have off-seasons for a reason. You should too.

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First duo done 🏊

No rain, stunning conditions, even better company.


#rottoswim #perth #westernaustralia #rottnestisland #ocean #oceanswim #swim #swimming #perthtorottnest #cottesloebeach #rottoswim2020 @ Rottnest Island, Western Australia


Adam Yeates Physio's cover photo


Adam Yeates Physio's cover photo


The Zercher Goodmorning🏋️
Typically, I like to start deadlift/ pull days off with 1-2 exercises before getting into the main compound/ deadlift work.
This could be anything from chin-ups to seated rows, to stiff leg deadlifts - depending on the current phase of training and what your main deadlift sets look like.
For people that have been lifting for 1-2 years, and have developed great control over their hip-hinge movement patterns, learning the barbell goodmorning is a fantastic accessory to load the posterior chain.
Initially, typical goodmornings are not going to be done heavy. This is mostly due to fancy biomechanics n' gravity stuff (it's applying a greater proportion of shear loading, as opposed to compressive loading, which body/back typically handles like a boss), you just don't need a lot of weight to make it effective!
But what if we carry the load infront?
Welcome to the Zercher Goodmorning❗
The change of bar placement reduces the shear loading through the thoracic, and thus loading of the goodmorninng is no longer limited by the thoracic flexors.
➡️ Want to stronger thoracic extensors --> Barbell Goodmorning
➡️ Want to improve your hip hinge strengh, grow your b***y and have massive biceps --> try the Zercher Goodmorning 💪
Come say hi @fieldwork_health
Booking Link in bio 🤙


The two papers cited here, whilst having their own flaws, are favorites of mine.
In a nutshell; injuries occur when the load applied to tissue exceeds the load-bearing capacity.
➡️ There is no magical EXERCISE to reduce injuries
➡️ There is no magical PROGRAM to reduce injuries
➡️ There is no magical STRETCHING ROUTINE to reduce injuries
Simply; if you want to reduce injury, you need to improve the load-bearing capacity of your tissues.
AKA. make yourself stronger, more robust, and just generally HARDER TO KILL
And resistance training does a dam good job of that.
Come say hi @fieldwork_health
Booking Link in bio 🤙 @ Perth, Western Australia


After spending a few days on a tropical island I am pumped to get back to reality.
TON of content coming up, but to start things off our clinic is running an amazing offer for any bookings made before the end of July!!
Booking Link in bio, or DM me for more info 🤙
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We announced our July Special last week! 🥳 .
Initial consultations with Andrew and Adam! .
So if you’re new to Fieldwork, this offer is a perfect way to get you back on track! 🏃🏻‍♂️ Or, if you’re a client of ours and have a new injury, reach out to us!🤝
Spots are filling up FAST 💻✔️
Give us a call on 08 6468 6825 to book!


Adam Yeates Physio's cover photo


DEADLIFT: Powerlifting Performance & Mobility Series! 🏋🏼‍♂️
Hosted by yours truly and Director @rossfieldphysio 🤓
Workshop will cover:
.✔️ Correct deadlift technique
.✔️ How to effectively progress your strength
.✔️ Resolve ongoing mobility and injury issues
.✔️ How to understand your pain and work around it .
Head to @fieldwork_health page to register!!! Early bird 🐦 tickets are just $10!!! #letsdothis💪🏼




The past 18 months of study has been a wild ride,


It's time to get back to making people strong.


I am now doing Physiotherapy things with the wonderful, and very good looking crew at @fieldwork_health (Link in bio)

I am back to taking clients for POWERLIFTING & STRENGTH COACHING (✍️slide into my DMs for more info)

More soon 💪


Adam Yeates Physio's cover photo


Let me introduce you to Claire and Kelly, 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

Over the weekend they both competed in a local Crossfit competition and given the medals around their neck, its fair to say they didn't do too bad ;)

But I'm not going to focus on that performance today, I want to tell you about what they accomplished before this weekend.

I have have had the absolute pleasure of working with both of them on their Nutrition for the past few months, Kelly since May and with Claire since October.


In the first 3 months, Kelly managed to lose 3kg 📉

Which is good and all...

But the amazing bit? She went from 27.5% body fat to 17.5 %. A loss of 10% ‼️

Since then, we've taken her out of a caloric deficit, which had her weight tracking back up slowly, she now weighs similar to what she was when we started 📈


She is back at that weight at 20%, not 27.5% 😎💪


As for Claire...

Well, she had slightly different goals, so we took a more aggressive approach.

In 7 weeks months, she's lost just under 5kg 📉

OH AND, according to the numbers, she's put muscle on in this time


Want to start your own Nutrition Journey?

Want to learn how to eat? 🍌🥑🥩

And let your body work with you?🤔

Head over to my website and fill out my Client Intake Form (

Or DM me, we'll have a cheeky chat, and see what we can work out you 😎🤙


Just over 8 weeks into working with Jacqui on her nutrition and it's pretty safe to say she couldn't be making my job any easier. There is absolutely nothing magical going on here:

➡️Focus on the basics
➡️Stay accoutable
➡️Drink good coffee

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☆ Compare yourself to yourself ☆
Update of my own 12 week transformation
Results of my past 50 days. Taking the same approach as I use with my clients on myself in terms of diet. I don't actually like using the word ‘diet’ - what about nutritional approach? Or food intake?
• • •
All other factors stayed pretty much the same. Training, lifestyle and work did not vary as much as I could tell.
My food choices where pretty much the same too. I started at my maintenance calories for a few weeks before dropping into a slight caloric deficit. There are times when a more drastic approach is taken, but in my case 12 weeks was the timeframe to be worked with.
• • •
Ideally then less you can drop your calories whilst loosing body fat then better, maintaining as much muscle as possible to not loose strength is very very important for the next two competitions coming up.
• • •
Few more weeks to drop a little bit more weight to avoid any water cutting to make weight for the comp 👌👍


[email protected] for @claire80finch two weeks out from Nationals.

At GPC States in April her best squat was 160. She did that for a tripple last week. Two doubles at 5kg more this week. One more heavy session next week 😎

For 1 on 1 coaching, nutrition & programming

⬇️ Start Now ⬇️


I have a special write up in the works for the prep that @aprilandemma did for this show. It was unconventional, more than a little extreme, and not what I'd recommend for most, but WOW. I talk A LOT about how hard this woman works, and I'm not going to shut up any time soon, she is an absolute #wonderwoman
Results are in!!! 4th place Bikini 40+ and 3rd place Bikini 35+!!!! I did this prep in 8 weeks under the careful guidance of my coach @adamjyeates. I didn't think it was really possible in this time frame...not to mention 3 business trips that took me to Vancouver, Hong Kong and the US. I guess when we set our mind on a goal anything becomes possible :-) So now I'm off to enjoy that hidden chocolate in my bag, a good dinner and a beautiful glass of red wine :-) #compday #bikinicompetitor #happygirl


SO proud of her right now!
@manuelavianna_ ➡️ 4th out of 23 Pros 😍😍😍
I'm super happy right now!! ❤️I have no words to describe it 😍I placed 4th out of 23 beautiful IFBB Pro's today at the @musclecontest Show. Now I'm off to enjoy Vegas! 💃 Thank you post to follow.

RepostBy @bodybyo: "Congratulations to #BodyByOAngel @manuelavianna_ - 4th place #IFBBPro Bikini at the @musclecontest #PatriotsChallenge tonight!! Great job, Angel!! 💪🏼👏🏼👌🏼🙌🏼😇😇😇

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Training, and even rehab do NOT have to be pain-free Just because something hurts, doesn’t mean you should abandon every...
"Why does my elbow hurt during Bench Press?!"
[SOME OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS].The Zercher Goodmorning🏋️.Typically, I like to start deadlift/ pull days off with 1-2 exer...
1x2@227.5 for Josh Woodham PTC Coach This was done after his first double at 225kg. Before yesterday his best ever squat...
2nd set of 5 at 210kg yesterday. ---The rushed warm ups = questionable depth today, but other wise happy. 8 weeks out fr...




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