Baxter Strength Systems

Baxter Strength Systems

Everyone is an athlete. Using cutting edge neuroscience to deliver extraordinary results. Eliminate pain, maximise performanc Your elite is our average.

STRONG IS FUN I'm leading the revolution for putting FUN back into functional fitness. We are all athletes - we all make a living from using our bodies somehow - and so we all deserve to trained like an athlete. Learning to move well is one of the greatest joys in life, as well as bringing abundant health, fitness, speed and strength. The number one thing stopping people from being super fit and having the life they desire is PAIN. So we deal with that first. As Australia's first ever Z Health Master Trainer I am fully equipped to help you get out of pain and stay that way in record time. Not only that I will teach you how to perform regular maintenance to get you on the path toward elite performance. The second thing stopping most people from fulfilling their desires is that they don't know HOW to move. Thanks to the Z Health Performance system I can help you break down any movement so you can learn it like a pro. Elite performance and everything that comes with it is a reality, and is available to you. This is why we say: "YOUR ELITE IS OUR AVERAGE" I am in demand for motivational speaking from the business/corporate world, military, schools, sports clubs and the general public. Contact me here on Facebook or via email if you would like more information. I run workshops in applied neuroscience, strength training and mobility that I tailor to meet the specific needs of your group, team or organisation. Finally I am available for personal training in the Perth metro area. I can come to you or you can work with me in a gym setting - the choice is yours. I have worked with all athletes from housewife athletes and office athletes to world champions and Olympic athletes. No matter where you are in your journey I can help you. If you aren't in the Perth area then I selectively take on online clients from time to time. Get in touch with me to see if we would make a good team. MOVE WELL, CHANGE YOUR WORLD


The good news is that I am now back to coaching athletes at Baxter Strength Systems.

But I'm not your "everyday" coach and these aren't "everyday" sessions. In fact I am not the kind of coach that you see daily or even weekly. My role is to help you find the breakthrough you've been looking for that will then transfer back to the day to day of training.

No other coach in Australia has the unique skill set that I have. Powerlifting and Bench Press champion I know how to make myself strong. And I know how to get you others strong too. Currently I am the only Z-Health Master Trainer in Australia specialising in brain based performance coaching. Baxter Strength athletes have won national, commonwealth and oceania championships, set records across all age and weight classes plus continue to improve year after year.

More than powerlifters can benefit from brain based training too. I have successfully helped athletes win Australian titles in BMX, karate, kayaking, shot put and achieve elite status in AFL, kettlebell sport, ultra marathon, crossfit and rugby union. No matter the sport I will help you become stronger and faster.

I will work not only with the athlete to help you achieve the breakthrough you're looking for, but also will with your day to day coach.

When you need a performance consultant to help you breakthrough to the next level, I'm your man.

I only work with a small group of athletes at any one time in order to maintain the highest standard possible. Contact me via PM to start breaking through barriers

[07/25/17]   I have been quiet for a long time but that's all about to change. Over the next few days I will be unveiling what the new Baxter Strength Systems will look like. At the core we have been and will always be about strength. Over the last few years however, I have come to understand strength in a much broader and deeper level. The new work will reflect that.

Everyone is an athlete, strong is fun.

[07/19/17]   Baxter Strength Systems will be back online soon. Watch this space for some exciting new developments

The Blaine Sumner Experience

Not to be missed This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to come and train with and learn from one of the best Powerlifters on the face of the Planet. In this one off only Australian Seminar Blaine Sumner who is arguably one of the greatest Powerlifters in the world both Raw and Equipped you will have the opport…

Great night out at Obsidian

Great turn out to the Baxter BenchPress Seminar on Monday night! Australia's very own best benchpresser, Nathan Baxter, shared his top tips and knowledge to improve your bench. I expect to see much bench gains from these lucky people in their upcoming competitions!

There's a single nerve that connects all of your vital organs — and it might just be the future... It has the potential to completely change how we view disease.

To be your best, learn from the best

Matthias Steiner touring Australia in August. to book your ticket, and just 1 of 15 places in his 'Weightlifting in Perfection' tours now.

New Article: The Symmetry Mistake

Training Symmetry Could Be A BIG Mistake

New Article: The Symmetry Mistake Discover why in Dr. Cobb's NEW article on "The #1 Belief that may be hurting your clients and costing your clients results"

Discover the NeuroRevolution

Free Download...

Discover the NeuroRevolution To stay relevant as a Health and Fitness Professional you must understand neurology. Don't get left behind, gain the edge NOW. Free download includes the audio, video and PDF.

Z-Health Certification starts with R-Phase


Z-Health Certification starts with R-Phase Z-Health R-Phase is coming to Australia. To stay relevant as a Health and Fitness Professional you must understand neurology.

Nathan's Road To The Arnold Classic

Get one today! Help Nathan get back to the USAPL Pro Bench Bash at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Last year Nathan placed third and has aspirations to go even bigger in 2015. On top of this Nathan will repeat his Herculean effort of competing in three powerlifting meets in 3 days! This the biggest event of…

Peripheral Vision Training Peripheral Awareness: The Power of Seeing What You...

Introduction to Brain-Based Health and Fitness

Try it for yourself and see the results

Z-Health's FREE 7 Day Video Training. If you are a personal trainer or fitness professional, understanding how your clients' brains...

Russian Sports Classification System

So you know where you stand Russian Sports Classification System

Lift Big Eat Big: 10 Reasons Why Heavy Lifting Is Terrible For Women

That's right ladies, you've been warned. Muscular wo=MEN are homely! Let's be honest, unless you're gay, you will notice that the harder a wo=MAN works out, the UGLIER she gets! Atheletic wo=MEN are attractive, meaning wo=MEN who lift moderately heavy weights. wo=MEN who are hard core athletes however look too male ish!

Z-Health Performance

The Science of Sleep: How to Get More Sleep and Have More Energy

Episode 57: There is probably a better way. Hi, everybody. Dr. Cobb back with you. Hope you're having a fantastic week. We have just finished up our course called "Sustenance and Spirit," which is a Z-Hea

10 Things No One Tells You About Being a Female Strength Athlete

This seems to be what Baxter Strength Systems female athletes tell me all the time. My favourite is number 7. 1. You’re going to hear “but aren’t you worried about getting bulky?” at least 238907203.4 times. MINIMUM. And for the record, no I’m not. Because I want to be STRONG, because I don’t give a crap about what a ridiculous women’s magazine tells me I should look like, and because I actually LIKE my bod…

Episode 56: Environmental Impacts Hi everybody. Dr. Eric Cobb back with you, hope you’re having a fantastic week. People kid me all the time that that’s how I always start my blogs, but I ac

BioForce HRV | Researchers have tried time and time again to establish a link between body mass index (BMI) and the autonomic nervous system (ANS), claiming that increasing BMI and adiposity may cause autonomic dysfunction.

Mechanism explains complex brain wiring How neurons are created and integrate with each other is one of biology's greatest riddles. Researcher Dietmar Schmucker from VIB-KU Leuven unravels a part of the mystery in Science magazine. He describes a mechanism that explains novel aspects of how the wiring of highly branched neurons in the bra…

SMR and Mobility Program

Great product from the super smart Jordan Vezina and Max Shank. I have watched this and can tell you that at $10 it's a bargain. I highly recommend you get this digital download even if you aren't into kettlebells. If you are into kettlebells and strength then this is a must have.

Master RKC Max Shank leads you through a 15 minute self myofascial release and mobility program that will get you loosened up and ready for action!

Sensory Motor Neuroplasticity and Motor Learning - - Western University Dr. Paul Gribble is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Western University, and holds a joint appointment in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. Dr. Gribble’s research focuses on how the brain controls voluntary movement, and the r…

Episode 52: Good vs Best Hi Z-Health Community. Hope you’re having a great week. I’m back with you. I just got back from Connecticut where I was speaking at what is called Consumer

Episode 53: Eliminate Computer Pain

Great couple of drills for all of you desk bound athletes Hi everybody, Dr. Cobb back with you. I hope that you’re having a fantastic week. What I want to do this week is do something super-practical. I want to talk

Episode 51: Moving Better for Safer Knees – Duh!

Healthier knees? Watch this... Hi everybody. Dr. Cobb back with you. This week I want to talk about an article that I just received from one of our trainers. A lot of people send me different

Why a Kettlebell?

This is why we use Kettlebells at Baxter Strength Systems Kettlebells are seemingly everywhere these days in the fitness world. From magazines and internet articles to TV shows, these cast-iron balls-with-a-handle are making their way around the mainstream of fitness training. Celebrities, pro athletes and everyday people looking to shed a few pounds and g…

Nathan 3-Board Bench - 365kg

Strong Is Fun! Oh yeah it is - another good night at the office.

A 3-board PB for Nathan. 804lbs to a 3-board. stRONg

Welcome to Strong Is Fun

Please share amongst your friends and subscribe to my blog Welcome to Strong Is Fun! This is your guide to transforming yourself into the Super Hero you always wanted to be or secretly knew you were. I am Nathan Baxter, an IPF Powerlifter living and workin...

Episode 49: Helpful Hand Exercises

Another good video blog from Dr Cobb with plenty of practical tips to make you a better athlete today. Hi, Z-Health community. Welcome back to the blog. This week we're going to be talking about the hands; specifically working on the muscle that open the hands. N

Episode 47: Your Fitness Test

Four very simple questions to ask about your training. If you answered no to any of these, come see me and I will help you out. Hi, everybody. Dr. Cobb back with you. We are going to talk today about a fitness test. Most people, when they hear about a fitness test, they go, "Oh, you mean

Episode 45: Head and Jaw Pain Relief

Head or neck pain bothering you? Get headaches? Try some of these drills and contact me here to book an appointment so you can say goodbye to tension headaches permanently. Hi everybody, Dr. Cobb back with you.  Today we're going to be talking about the head and neck and the jaw.  I've been getting a lot of questions again about

Episode 44: Conquer Decision Fatigue Hi.  Dr. Cobb back with you this week.  Today we're going to talk about what is called decision fatigue.  Now decision fatigue is exactly what it sounds like

200kg good mornings from tonight's training at PTC Perth

Good advice

Some of the best advice I've ever come across!!! :)

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