Better Body Beauty Sanctuary

Better Body Beauty Sanctuary


Oooh exciting... #Celavive Hydrating Sheet Mask is featured in this months Vogue - out on the shelves 👏 That’s because it’s so darn good ✨✨ Better check the inside covers & get yours today...Winter is coming 🤪
Vicky of Better Body Beauty Sanctuary was kind enough to spare the time to be interviewed for Building Better Business. Check out what she has to say on: "Ageing Awesomely and How That Can Aid Productivity In Your Business"
You just have to agree... It's my happy place
Who does this? Ha! Me!! Wonder how many others do this too...obviously Dr Libby does.. Just on that note- there is a group of us going to her newest event Mon 12th Sept PM me for more details & if you want to hang out with me
If being beautiful is more about being who you truly are... Check out this post @BeliefSchool to get your anti-ageing mindset mojo happening Best tips from this - post below
The latest fad is coconut oil - & for good reason It seems there are a multiple of benefits including prevention of Alzheimers Disease Also- not shown in this study - are the benefits to the skin Keeping it soft & supple & more youthful (When taken internally ie. As a food/with your cooking, smoothies, etc) NOT rubbing it ON your skin or using it as part of your moisturiser!!
Mmmm.... Still my favourite make up range
One thing you need in life ,is do do do action and belief all that is create your destiny
One thing you need in life ,is do do do action and belief all that is create your destiny Strength and Vitality Foundation Inc
Carolyn Johnson - I have new salad recipes for the next Beach Bum Challenge - message me :-)
School Holiday Stress Planning Is the thought of school holidays doing your head in...before it's already started? Wondering how you are going to entertain/play taxi driver/feed kids AND get your work done???? Plan now so you don't end up an emotional wreck at the end of the holidays...and worse - you feel old and tired. 1. Search online for some FREE Apps on meditation & plan to get up 15mins before the rest of the household to get "in the zone" 2. Make sure you get outside to exercise - the fresh air will be invigorating & is you have to make the kids do this...they will be less irritating for the remainder of the day 3. Get the kids to make you an excel spreadsheet for WATER - print it out and tick off your 8 glasses per day (2 before am tea, 2 by lunch, 2 by aftn tea, 2 by dinner) and it will also encourage them to drink water too - it will keep you energised throughout the day 4. Have fun with the kids and then do a POWER HOUR of work with NO distractions Here's to Beautiful skin - inside and out!
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Better Body Beauty... is all about Natural Anti-Aging solutions to help you boost your Collagen to keep it firmer! as a busy woman, so you feel better, sleep better, have more sustained energy & balanced moods, allowing you to BE the most awesome YOU.

My mission is to educate and give the power back to women on healthy choices that affect how beautiful your skin is, especially as you get older. Having Beautiful skin is more than just great skincare, it's about being happy, eating properly, managing stress and having the energy to love life and let that radiate through your skin....just like when you were first in love!

Mission: My mission is to create a tribe of like-minded men & women globally, who love what they do and are out to improve the health and happiness of their world and look gorgeous doing it

Online services available; Delivery available

Mala’s.... it’s a great time to wear a Mala for inner wisdom & a reminder to listen in to your body’s “cue’s” - especially at Spring Equinox 🌸 .
You may be finding it’s a time to refresh old habits so they now reflect how you want to move forward - towards the end of 2020...

& also listening in, to the whispers that come when you take those moments of self care & nurturing 💚
With all this time of reflection & consolidation over Winter - what are you going to make your Spring & ✨ new beginnings ✨ look like?

I’ve discovered the joys (& eye strain) of sharing my rituals for glowing skin - online... & am ready to launch one of my latest online group programs - Thrive Thru Menopause...wellness rituals to help you flourish as hormones change 💚 .
1st Launch - 15 Oct
Comment YES if you’d like to go on the wait list 💕
& also comment with what you are bringing into Spring.

#menopause #hormonehelp #selfcare

Loving my new reiki infused candles.

One of my favourite things is surrounding myself with things I love that help support me energetically as well as physically 💚

Beauty comes in so many forms - what’s your favourite right now?

A girls gotta do... what a girls gotta do...
Greys be gone ✨.
Thanks to @abbyjamieson_ for your expert skills (must take after your mumma) 😆
Still looking forward to seeing my hairdresser tho...
Nothing like a professional service for some TLC @gillian_morris82hotmailcom .
#selfcare #lockdown #greyhair

Great article from Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, about GLUTATHIONE. He compares it to "fly paper" that removes the free radicals and toxins in our body.

Why is Glutathione important for your skin?

As one of your body’s main antioxidants - it helps your skin cells mop up the damage that happens to your skin with age...

Like lines, dehydration, dryness & pigmentation

"Glutathione deficiency is found in nearly all very ill patients. These include people with:

● chronic fatigue syndrome,

● heart disease

● cancer

● chronic infections

● autoimmune disease

● diabetes

● autism

● Alzheimer's disease

● Parkinson's disease

● arthritis

● asthma

● kidney problems

● liver disease and more."

"It's the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease -- yet you've probably never heard of it. There are more than 89,000 medical articles about it -- but your doctor doesn't know how address the epidemic deficiency of this critical life-giving molecule."

Interesting, at the time of Dr. Hyman's article in 2011, there were only 89,000 medical articles about it on PubMed, but now there are over 146,000! That's how big of a deal it is to medicine!

This is one of AntiAgeing’s top “best kept secret” in the skincare industry

Glutathione is a combination of three simple building blocks of protein or amino acids: cysteine, glycine, and glutamine.


Oh this little travel bag is sooo cute...

If you want one - Intraceuitcals is drop-shipping to your door
- PM me for one for some skin lovin 💚

Achieve the signature Intraceuticals glow with these everyday skincare essentials. Plus, enjoy a saving of up to 40% off the individual marked price.

Why we need MORE Self Care Skin Rituals over lockdown

Here's a reminder of why self care is so important - especially if you're in Melbourne right now...

Rituals for filling your tank 😍

More than ever...with restrictions on going outside and normal life - we need to invest in ourselves & skincare "rituals" are a simple and super effective wa...

OPENING the doors again soon... watch this space .
With the recent announcement from Dan Andrews, #beauty salons can now open the same time as hairdressers - OCT 26
At this stage it will be for Massage & Chakra Balancing ONLY as we can’t do facials yet...but maybe before Xmas...🤞.
In the meantime - do your #skinrituals at home - I’m sending another video out today for you 💚
If you’re not on my SuperLift List & want to catch up - drop me a YES in the comments & I’ll send you this one & the last couple too #neckfirming #eyelift #sleepritual

Oh what fun! Sorting all my diploma’s, certificates & other certified trainings I’ve done in the past 29 years 😬😱

Forgot I had done some of these... no wonder I know my stuff

(I think after seeing all this I’m allowed to blow my own trumpet as most ppl online now aren’t this qualified) 🌸🌸

Julia Roberts Just Made One Of The Most Powerful Videos Ever.

Just a wee reminder - we are here by design - so look after the hand that feeds you... In the video you are about to see, Julia Roberts narrates a powerful message about the planet Earth. Hearing these words really helps to put things into perspective.

Gut Health is so important!!

There is more & more research on the link between gut health, the brain & now the skin...

So what are some of the signs that your gut needs help?
- bloating
- upset tummy after eating (pain)
- heartburn or indigestion
- gurgly tummy
- constipation or diarrhoea

Those are all obvious signs - right?

But what about hidden symptoms ...

- food cravings
- unintentional weight gain (hello CoVid)
- sleep disturbances
- constant fatigue
- skin irritations like eczema, rosacea, acne
- autoimmune disorders
- food intolerances

So what can you do about it?????

1. Lower stress levels - the quickest way here is slow abdominal breathing

2. Get enough sleep - look at sleep hygiene & reach out if you’re not sure how to start - you need 7-8hrs per night

3. Eat slowly - chew properly to promote full digestion & absorption of nutrients + it tends to make you relax 😍

4. Stay hydrated - with water not alcohol 🤣

5. Take a good quality Probiotic - one that doesn’t get destroyed by our digestive enzymes & gets delivered to the correct area to re-balance good flora - I have this available so reach out for more info

6. If you are sensitive to food - eliminate common trigger foods - get a plan (with someone like me) to help get your gut stronger & more balanced

7. Change your diet - reduce processed foods, sugar & high-fat foods & replace with plant-based foods, lean protein & variety - PLUS include lots of fibre - natural & add a good probiotic powder to be “regular”💚

If you want extra advise on helping your gut feeling happier - contact me

After years of having IBS from holding onto stress, being busy & generally not slowing down... I can attest to the benefits of a healthy gut

Gut health = Happy Immune system = glowing skin (& less belly) 😍

There’s really no excuse for wrinkly eyes & dark circles...

How are you going with your eye treatments at home since my little video?

With more computer time - eyes can get more fatigued, sore & gritty

Meaning you may be rubbing your eyes more than normal or they may be more irritated from the inside - which STILL creates irritation on the outside..

...leading to dark circles & potentially - puffy eyes

So be gentle with your eye treatments

Use the one that suits your concern right now...which may be different than just worried about lines

Use less product than you think

Use the number of times during the day MORE

And ALWAYS, always use before bed for some #magic repair time 💚

Wise Tribe Retreat Virtual

Wise Tribe Retreat 11 Oct LIVE

Feeling like a bit of a “lift” with the energy now that Spring is knocking on your door?
Tbh I think I’ve put on a little bit of weight over winter Covid. I put my old 3/4 pants on (the ones I used to need a belt for) & unfortunately they were snug.....eek! Was my first thought...
How did that happen?
But then I remembered the chocolate brownie’s my daughter makes, the cheese & crackers before dinner & also the discovery of a new gin distillery 😱.
It’s not like I’ve been “bad” - I have had a green smoothie every morning...however, it’s all the “other” items that go
What’s a girl to do??
Smoothies for 5 days - straight...
Nothing else...
Works every time
See you on the other side 🤣😍
#beachbumlifestyleprogram #energy #healthyweight #betterbody

Keep this front & centre
We WILL get through this Melbourne... Life is great in so many levels.
Look for what we CAN do - Spring is here & that means growth, new beginnings, vitality.
Set your sights on your vision & purpose - which will #glow through from the inside, out
#beyourbest #staystrong #spring

Are you sick of Winter & being indoors?

Good news - it’s SPRING 🌸

With the Full Moon last night & the start of a new season - it’s time to shake off the cobwebs, get that body moving & Re-kindle healthy habits to SUMMER can be awesome!

Join me this Saturday at 11am AEST

For a fresh look at ways to support your body - physically, mentally & emotionally 💚

Zoom link on the flyer

Enuf said...

Wow! Spring tomorrow!
woohoo - can't wait....

One thing that makes you feel like you're getting ready for Spring - is cleaning out and getting rid of all that old, expired product that has sat in your cupboard or bathroom cabinet...

going OFF and also cluttering up space...


Makes you feel SO CLEAN & ready for NEW things

Spring is coming...

Start adding some pineapple into your smoothies

You only need a little bit. Good for digestion, fat metabolism & clean energy 💚

Remember your neck!

Ever wondered why your neck seems to “suddenly” look older overnight?

You have a higher % of Collagen in your neck

This is a good thing for when you want to move your neck in all funny kind of angles...

BUT not so good as stress levels increase & cortisol breaks down collagen.

Add that to a lower estrogen level - which does the same to collagen (that’s part of your skin “thinning” on the “inside” - it calls for some extra help 💪👏

1. Meditate - this lowers cortisol

2. Use a neck forming serum or AntiAging cream & use FIRST on your neck - morning & night

3. Use Omega’s & herbs to help your hormones self regulate as you go through the “changes of life” - it helps with symptoms & means your skin can stay strong with 1 & 2 above (plus a good Oxygen facial when you can) 💚

For product solutions - message me or comment below
Most I can get delivered straight to your door

So with STRESS becoming more predominant in your world right now...whether that's juggling home-schooling and work, finding it hard to look after aging parents or simply missing your friends...


so here are 3 things to get back into your routine NO MATTER WHAT

1. BREATHE - 10mins minimum
Every day - hide away, clear your head & just BE for 10mins or more
(& if you haven't get time to do this - you seriously need to take a look at what you are saying YES to - which means you are saying NO to YOU)

2. Drink more water - chances are you are sitting more than you normally do... to keep things detoxing & moving around in your feed it with all the goodies it needs to make energy & have a glowing skin
- drink at least 2 litres per day 💧

3. Do your Skincare Routine at NIGHT
- this will help it repair & rebuild after the damage done during environmental factors during the day, as well as allow your brain to "switch off" & start the "relax" hormones to get released

- giving you a better night's sleep #BeautySleep

Stress breaks down the collagen that sits underneath where your skincare can reach - ie. the deeper part of the skin - which makes nutrients & water so important

- so it needs to be an INSIDE and OUTSIDE solution for you to get ahead and see a difference 😍

Don’t forget FATHER’S DAY

There is a FREE GIVE AWAY for the infamous Scalp Serum
- great to “bring back hair”
- thicken hair
- great to keep strength & vitaity in hair as you age

Purchase the Activated Essentials & receive the Scalp Serum for FREE

Feel fabulous & treat your Man at the same time

Order now so it arrives on time 💚
Message me for more details


With Winter here, with cold, blustery days - it’s a good reminder not to PUSH

Winter is here traditionally for us to be more YIN with our energy

So, a time to go within, restore & regenerate.

With Covid & current restrictions - it could be helpful to also see this as a time to restore energy, figure out what’s next when we finally emerge & what support systems you might need.

By always treating your body with respect, giving it the “tools” so it can do its best to make you feel good - to feel energised...
It will look after you

“Listening” to what your body needs takes practice & being honest with yourself (don’t fall into what you think you SHOULD be doing,having,saying)

Know that ups & downs of energy are “normal” & we are meant to ebb & flow - like the seasons

So take today - a windy, blustery, cold day - to just BE
& not be busy 💚

Do you have a daily ritual?

Or some people call it a daily rythym- it keeps you in the flow of life with the least amount of effort or energy


Starting & finishing the day can set you up for success or failure
Go on - be AMAZING!

Comment with a Hell YES! for a daily ritual to support you

Without the foundations of good health, nutrition & sleep - you can’t expect to be your best 💚

Abraham Hicks - A Quick Technique That's A MUST For Your Daily Routine! (ZERO Hard Work Ever Again!)

Have you ever tried to quieten your mind - maybe to meditate or just relax for a moment? But struggled...

Here's the solution - be patient and listen right to the end

OPEN THIS FOR MORE INFO ↓ ★An Animated Dose of Abraham!! Because it's super fun to watch while you listen to the wisdom of Abraham Hicks! Enjoy!★ ★Thumbs up ...

As you could probably see on that video - I had a pimple right on a frown line! Eek! What the heck!?!

Thing is - right now, with being locked down again... there is a lot of frustration...

I’m sure you’ve had some form of this too?

Sometimes - this also shows up in the face...
Liver = Brow/Frown lines = anger or frustration 🤣

Seriously tho - Liver congestion can also cause breakout in this area

So things to look for...
❎- extra alcohol
❎- extra sugar
❎- extra caffeine
❎- extra junk in the diet
❎- extra thoughts if frustration & irritation

If YES - you can flip these around
- ✅- limit all of these (yes we do like to follow the 80/20 rule... ) but make sure it’s 80% the healthy way around 🤣
- ✅- eat more greens to help your liver flush out toxins quicker
-✅- flip your frustrated thoughts to what you are grateful for... what you CAN do/have
-✅- practice more self-care to solidify those thoughts DAILY


How to FIRM your Neck at home

Firming your neck needs specific help once you reach 40 - here is a great technique and a product that strengthens, lifts and contours the neck...enjoy a sexy neck well into your 70's order to have have to say YES to TIME for you 💚💚 .
When the going gets tough - what “time out” rituals do you DO?
Is this a habit that you have grown to L O V E & gives you joy?
If not - it’s not the right one for YOU
The reason rituals work - is that it reconnects you with your inner “good feelings” - your “vibe” - which triggers neurotransmitters that physically make you feel good .
It’s like weight training for the nervous system = the more you do it = the more subconscious it becomes = the less energy & thought power it takes = the stronger your brain re-wiring becomes to create links to your happy place (not stress!) 😍.
#happyplace #rituals #skincaretips

Feel like the walls are closing in and you're not sure what day it is?
Rituals and Routines can save the day...

By doing a ritual at night, you can not only have gorgeous skin...but you create ways to sleep better, reduce stress by activating your PNS to drop down cortisol levels AND create more awareness for your day 😍

Comment if you want my Supercharge Your Lifestyle FREE download

Weekends are great times to prep for the busy weeks ahead - when life takes in a life of its own😬

So - get your smoothie ingredients topped up
- meals plans prepped
- bake or make any snacks that keep you healthy when you feel like “something”
- plan your exercise for the following week amoungst the work times already in the diary
- plan your skincare/self care time

Winter can mean colder, harsher weather that strips moisture from your skin
Can also strip moisture from your body with heating on & less movement because you want to stay rugged up

Planning can keep you & your skin on track...
They are both linked 💚


Looks what’s just become available...

Goodies to make your weekend feel decadent.

Would you like one of these?
Drop shipping available in request

Achieve the signature Intraceuticals glow with these everyday skincare essentials. Plus, enjoy a saving of up to 40% off the individual marked price.

Want your business to be the top-listed Health & Beauty Business in Melbourne?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Using my experience of over 25yrs in the Beauty and Wellness Industry, I have a passion to inspire you to let your inner beauty shine through...I have designed advise, wellness consults and skincare routines to help you have better skin, better energy, manage stress more effectively and really cut out the issues of modern day skin concerns (a lot are from gut health and hormonal/stress imbalances) I am partnered with Usana Health Sciences for products that are world renowned for both its scientific & holistic approach to wellness & building the immune system including result-based beauty solutions that are totally chemical and Paraben free with fantastic anti-ageing technology. Also, partnered with Intraceuticals Oxygen infusions for high result, collagen boosting & firming facials to make you look 10 yrs younger - the secret to many celebrity's flawless skin.
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