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Stable Connections
Within & Between
Animals & Humans
Treatments may consist of Bowen Th We offer Animal and Human Healing, Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral, Red Light Therapy, Reiki and Animal Communication enabling a personalised treatment for you and your animals specific needs.

Treating the root cause as well as the symptoms, whilst encouraging the body to self heal.

Operating as usual

Photos from Stable Connections's post 29/04/2021

WOW .... What a whirlwind weekend !!!!!

Everything our daughter, Courtney and partner Zac, had planned and organised for their Surprise Wedding 😳 ... threatened to be undone by the COVID Lockdown Announcement πŸ₯Ί

With a change of venue, from their property to ours and replacing caterers and hairdressers ... The Miller and Waller families came together amongst the chaos, creating their Special Day.

Such an incredibly beautiful day was created in 24hrs

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Miller πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰β™₯️

We Love You πŸ₯°πŸ₯°β™₯️β™₯️

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Photos from Stable Connections's post 31/01/2021


Due to COVID Lockdown and restrictions Jayne’s trip has been rescheduled to March 4th ...

Jayne Waller is visiting Donnybrook and surrounding areas on Thursday 11th February with appointments also available for Harvey, Brunswick, Burekup, Dardanup and Boyanup.

Limited Bodywork sessions, releasing pain and addressing the causes for you and your animals, healing from within to without through Bowen Therapy and or Craniosacral ...Holistic Animal Communication exchanges are a great way to connect and listen to your Animals Energy which may need decoding and balancing, also may require some Bodywork to assist in the healing process.

As our lives are encompassed with Animals, we share energy crossovers and are all connected ... Alternative holistic therapies allows us to treat our animals with the best, loving, physical, mental and emotional healing they deserve.

For further Information and Bookings
Contact Jayne directly
0417 135 751
Stable Connections page
[email protected]
Jayne Waller page


Our #stableconnections family has grown welcoming our gorgeous little #harper into the fold.
With all #newbeginnings ... there is an ending ... a #transition into her #newlife πŸ’. A #grief for her brothers .. sisters and Mum&Dad πŸΎπŸ’–. Releasing patterns held within the #centralnervoussystem
to create new
#summerharmony #australianshepherd #aussieredtripup #therapypuppies #waroonawa #southwestpuppy #communicatingwithanimals #bowentherapyforanimals #craniosacralforanimals #animalreikipractitioner

Our #stableconnections family has grown welcoming our gorgeous little #harper into the fold.
With all #newbeginnings ... there is an ending ... a #transition into her #newlife πŸ’. A #grief for her brothers .. sisters and Mum&Dad πŸΎπŸ’–. Releasing patterns held within the #centralnervoussystem
to create new
#summerharmony #australianshepherd #aussieredtripup #therapypuppies #waroonawa #southwestpuppy #communicatingwithanimals #bowentherapyforanimals #craniosacralforanimals #animalreikipractitioner


Have you ever seen or heard of a product, but felt you would like to know before you feed it to your horse .....
We don’t like being in pain ... and we certainly don’t like our horses being in pain.

Ulcers can change our horses ... behaviour, mood, overall health and performance by the pain and disruption they create in the gut.

Join us in this Zoom session while Malcolm explains how and why it is important to keep our horses healthy and comfortable through the digestive system.

Click the link below to register

Ulcers in Horses – Nutrition that can Help - Cyber Session with Malcolm Green of EquiFeast

To register click this link:

Due to COVID -19, our very popular 'Malcolm is coming to WA' sessions have not happened this year as planned.

So instead we are looking to run 'Cyber Sessions with Malcolm', which will allow you to see and hear Malcolm providing information on selected topics that we are commonly asked about.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the presentation as well as Questions on Notice, that can be provided prior to the session.

The first Cyber Session with Malcolm details are as follows:

What - Ulcers - Nutrition that can help
When - 7PM on Wednesday 16th December
Expected duration - just 25 to 30 minutes
How - via ZOOM
Time - Dec 16, 2020 7:00 PM in Perth

To register your interest click this link:


Ella and I had an incredible few days at the beautiful setting of Yalambi Farm Stud ... camping and sharing the experience with some very special people in our lives ... achieving some personal firsts as a combination and creating a deeper connection and understanding between and within us both ... such an incredible girl who is continuously reaching and releasing parts of me πŸ¦„πŸ€©πŸŒŸπŸ’›.

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My superstar princess and I were so fortunate in enjoying this glorious weather at the State Showjumping Championships.

I’m so grateful for the amazing rounds my gorgeous girl gave me yesterday ... so beautiful to ride and be a part of ... enjoying every moment together ... gifting her with a win. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Thank you COVID for bringing the changes allowing us to enjoy this incredibly run event and a huge Thank you goes out to everyone who is involved in co-ordinating and running this massive event.
I would also like to take a moment and thank the sponsors of my class ... Kentaur Australia and Milne Feeds for their ongoing support for our Sport and Events with the Vouchers Ella and I won yesterday.
#stableconnections #welshpalomino #superstarpony #jumpingpalomino #communicatingwithanimals


Ella and I working on our suppleness with gymnastics through the grid
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I love it when people invite me into their lives, looking for connection and an understanding between them and their animals.
" I got Stable connections out for my two horses one which was straight off the track and I had only just brought him. Stable connections helped him relax into his new environment ............
As one of the horses was just starting his new career with Jasmine, the session enabled them to harmonize their relationship and move forward with a deeper understanding.
Thank you to Jasmine Di Candilo for your kind words


As we received the phone call I always knew was coming, but was uneasy about what the Universe's limit for injury was .... we thank our lucky stars for all the Universe had in place, so that, our son, Cameron, is still with us and walking around.
Often we become sick or injured to become well ........... Bringing health and wellness into focus.
As Cameron has his very own Human Bodywork Therapist as his Mum, we could embark on his recovery of, fractured vertebrae, with his body starting it's healing process with herbal products, such as Arnica for body trauma, broken bone swelling and Comfrey (Symphytum) also known as Knitbone, whilst detoxing the medication.
As Craniosacral is a gentle, yet powerful technique, we can address the shock and head trauma patterns within the Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Central Nervous System, encased within the vertebrae, creating a vibrational echo throughout the skeleton, soft tissue and fascia, encouraging balanced wellness of the accidents impact effect.
The intelligence and knowledge of the body knows where the healing process needs to begin, harmonizing the physical, intellectual and emotional imbalances, bringing equlibrium.


As the new day dawned ... we thanked our guardian angels and the Universe for the gift of our family ❀️
Our son, brother and grandson, Cameron, was in a car accident yesterday ... knowing for change to be created, things cannot stay the same. Just as the caterpillar becomes a Butterfly ... it’s the struggle from the cocoon that creates the freedom of flight.
As we receive results and feedback from the medical team, we’re gathering information for his recovery.
Being able to bring physical, intellectual and emotional healing whilst creating new patterns throughout his Central Nervous System, Fascia and Soft Tissue with a variety of techniques.
We will keep you up to date with his Road to Recovery ❀️
#stableconnections #family #humantherapy #bowentherapist #feelingluckytoday #universalfamily #universalgratitude #humanhealing #waroonawa #southwesttherapists


Ever wondered why you feel better after ... riding your horse or walking your dog ... which chakras are you healing


Toilet Paper secret explained.

As the Toilet Paper aisle mystery unravels.
We take an inside look as to why.


Understanding the Super Pink Moon.
Why does it feel so crazy around the Full Moon ??


Keeping Ella supple and flexible with her gymnastics through the grid
#stableconnections #stayhome #equestrianactivities #homehealthandwellness #covid19 #peelregionwa #lockdownactivities #wewillbeokay


As we, us, humanity as a collective, experiences the uncertainty and fear of life with Covid-19, not knowing what is or isn't going to happen next .... one thing we do know, is we breathe, every second of every day.
Start where you are and use what you have ..........
If you bring focus to your, Breath In and Breath Out for just a moment, the first thing that shows in your awareness is, calmness to yourself, what you are also doing is encouraging the Central Nervous System to literally take a breath and be still.
If you check in and ask yourself ... am I able to receive, on the Breathe In and on the Breath Out ... am I able to give, all the while, taking notice of the feedback .... you can then calm any imbalances with your breaths.
Covid-19 virus is about balancing humanities Heart Space, showing us, that we are all connected and just by controlling your breathing, you too can bring equilibrium to the Heart Space and the organs within, with organs and systems connected by vibrational echo, this then supports the Lymphatic and Immune Systems to cleanse and release waste from our bodies and the Universe.
Recognizing the miracle within you.
You can do this anytime, anywhere .... just like when we remember to breathe in a Dressage Test.


Amidst this time of Humanity, on a global level, having the flu and in need of support in down time. Mother Nature can and does play it's part, by Social Distancing and walking pets in the great outdoors, is just one of the many ways to strengthen yours and Humanities Immune system. Helping internal systems to detoxify, releasing Covid-19 stress and anxiety, while our glorious sunshine is killing viral organisms.
Animals love Social Distancing and showing us gratitude. 22/03/2020

Keeping our positivity and health amidst COVID - 19

Keeping our positivity and health amidst COVID - 19 -


Have you had a pain within your body, that is unexplained, even through Xrays or scans ?? Wondering what could possibly be creating it ??
Fascia or Connective Tissue, as it's also known, is a web which surrounds and is within all of our muscles, organs and systems, also connecting them with the skeletal system and creating the body as a whole.
As Xrays and scans are unable to detect and or film our Fascia, sometimes the pain remains a mystery.
If you think of your shirt as our bodies fascia, and it being tucked into your pants, all bunched up tight and restricting, remember how uncomfortable that felt and how you had to stretch your shoulders up, to feel comfortable again ??
Restrictions in the fascia, generated by an injury, over use, toxin build up and or dehydration, creates pain, by bringing pain into our awareness, engages us into the understanding that the imbalance needs to change, it can't stay the same.
As animals are just us on all fours, their fascia, too, becomes impeded with pain and discomfort, presenting as changes in movement, posture and or behavioral issues, showing us what happens externally for our bodies.


When the Matriarch leaves, the pack dynamics change and loyalty is strong. πŸΎπŸ•β€οΈ


One of the things I love the most about treating and working with animals, is not knowing what is going to unfold during their sessions.
I experienced a horse showing signs of soreness in his front feet, the bodies way of vibrating the imbalance into a physical symptom, as we opened the communication pathways, it came into my awareness, his heart was broken and he was sad and depressed, as the front legs are an extension of the Heart space, he was unsure how to walk forward, having recently relocated to a new environment, leaving his herd, human support and network, all he knew as his safety net.
Being able to release restrictions within his Central Nervous System, like unkinking the hose, using Craniosacral, encouraged a balanced vibrational echo throughout the fascia and his musculoskeletal system, which in turn, he became sound again and created another physical relocation to a more comfortable, happy environment for him.
Has your horse ever looked a little sad, lonely or just not right and you have wondered what is happening for them ??


What is Bowen Therapy, I hear you ask and what can it do for my animals or me ........
Having personally experienced, the life changing effects of the powerful, yet gentle, Holistic Bowen Therapy technique, releasing the pain of a frozen shoulder, many years ago, bringing balance and relaxation to any emotional and intellectual disharmony within, brought me to the space of wanting to share this dynamic healing technique in helping others and their animals feel the health and wellness that Bowen brings.
How does this happen, you wonder, something so gentle, can be, yet so profound ....... Working with manoeuvres across the muscle fibres, sends vibrations, through the bodies web of connective tissue, releasing any tension within the web, we call fascia, treating the body as a whole, physically, intellectually and emotionally, along with all of the bodies organs and systems, circulatory, lymphatic and central nervous, encouraging the body to return to what it knows best .... Wellness .... without forcing the body into submission and allowing it's self healing intelligence to find and treat the root cause.
As our Animals are, just us on all fours, they too have the same pain symptoms.

Some of the most common issues Bowen Therapy addresses

* Neck and Shoulder Pain
* Headaches & Migraines
* Pelvic imbalances
* Anxiety
* Sciatica Pain
* Lower Back Pain
* Respiratory Issues
* Grief
* Digestive Issues


Who's been feeling the emotional ebb and flow of February's New Moon in Mercury Retrograde .............
Experiencing feelings of irritability, while our Central Nervous Systems are letting go of old habits, which no longer serve our Higher Self, is a little uncomfortable to say the least and coupled with a brain fog, yet energised in being creative to set new long term goals and dreams, is also rather confusing, but confusion is, the first sign of change.
Adding to our emotional discomfort and may even have us overwhelmed, is the feeling of our finances, relationships and or self confidence being challenged, but by having it in our thoughts and awareness, we're able to consciously make changes, as they need to unfold, from the old to create the new, all the while, feeling very vulnerable, but yet remembering that's what being courageous is ... vulnerable !!!!
Rest assured as we set our long term goals and dreams, they are being magnified as we speak, so let's surrender to the infinite possibilities the Universe has in store for us all.
February's New Moon is one of the most positive energies of 2020. Our dreams are already manifesting themselves, we've never been in this space before and neither will we ever again, so let's release and go with the flow.


What is behind the name, Stable Connections, I hear you ask ??
Let's delve a little deeper into the secret of Stable Connections name, explaining the within and between .......
Having previously, experienced first hand, the relief alternative therapies introduce, not only for the burning crippling physical pain, I had from my left jaw, through the shoulder and down my sciatica, that made me feel like I was 60 yrs old, but was only in my 30's, to the relaxing emotional calmness and stability, I craved, during the time of, my brother, Ian's, shattering grief, to an intellectual strength. I was eternally grateful for the gentle, yet powerful healing, guiding the warm heartfelt connection between, my palomino gelding, Bullet and myself.
To have all of the physical pain relieved, the intellectual strong and emotionally balanced, is when I felt truly Stable within myself and Connected. Most of us are aware of animals intuition and Bullet knew before I did, that riding and connecting with him again, after Ian's passing, was where I needed to be, showing me the feeling of connection to
him, within myself and between us both, he wasn't quite ready for retirement, he had this one last healing job to do.
I salute you Bullet, having had you by my side, leading and showing me, that if you were out of kilter, I too was out of kilter, all the while creating foundations for how I could help others.
Now with my beautiful, palomino mare, Ella, in your honour, we will carry the torch you started and create Stable Connections within and between all animals and humans.

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Toilet Paper secret explained.



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