A Teal Butterfly

A Teal Butterfly


3 - 12 - 2020 Tarot Card Reading I received today . This is the first time i have had a reading by someone who does not know me I do not have readings often . This reading really helped me - The cards that were drawn were very interesting as i did not ask a question. I was surprised at how they described parts of me bringing my past and present together allowing me to be more aware that all my inner healing work and focusing on My outcomes are beginning to become part of my every day reality . As My past slowly heals one day at a time there is much change and strength within me .
"Beautiful soap and candles that are to die for. beautifully packaged and are very unique. Love these products so much that I'll be stocking them in my shop front. Highly recommended" - With recommendations like this, you would make sense to stop by the 'A Teal Butterfly' stall at this year's Willaura Health Care Outdoor Market - see you all there on Sunday, 3 March!

All products are Homemade & use natural ingredients. Unique goat's milk soaps, soy wax candles,melts and tealights. Special orders welcome!

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One giant Sunflower to bring sunshine into your life today. 💙🦋💙

A giggle for your Tuesday lol. 💙🤣💙

We have been going through a very rough time the last few months. Some may even feel it won't ever end, but it will, I assure you. We don't know when that will be, but the day will come when we realize it just isn't as hard as it once was. You are much stronger than you think and you have the ability to get through this, you just have to keep moving forward and not let what you read or hear get the best of you. The Universe doesn't put challenges before you that you can't overcome, you must want to overcome them. If you need extra strength, call upon Arch Angel Michael to help you. Have strength, have faith, and know this won't defeat you. Blessings 💙🦋💙

Have a magical, joy filled day! Blessings 💙🦋💙

It's such a pretty day that I went out and picked a bunch of flowers just for you today. 💙🦋💙

Every week I have been showing you images of beautiful things to help remind you of the beauty in the world when times get tough. This week I have a special little guy to show you, an Albino Kookaburra. This gorgeous bird is Mother Nature's way of showing us that things do change, in ways we can't think of and life still goes on and not only that, but it gets even better in the end. Blessings 💙🥰💙

Wisdom from the Mandala today. May peace fill your life. Blessings 💙🦋💙

A giggle for your Monday lol. 💙🤣💙

May your week be filled with joy and abundance. Happy Monday! 💙🦋💙

[08/09/20]   Weekly Tarot Card Reading tonight at 8pm. Doing an Oracle card for Melbourne too. 💙🦋💙

Beautiful pink and white roses for you today. I added some coffee cause I thought we could use a cuppa about now. 💙🦋💙

A photobomb giggle for your Sunday lol. 💙🤣💙

Let's all meet up here for tea tonight. We can have a wonderful meal, talk and laugh and listen to beautiful music. Nothing wrong with escaping the world for one night in a place as magical as this! 💙🦋💙

Change happens all the time. It isn't always easy, but it is necessary for life to move forward and for us to grow as individuals. Don't fear change, embrace it and know that with it comes new, exciting things. Blessings 💙🦋💙

May your Sunday be full of adventures. See you at 8pm tonight for the live weekly Tarot Reading! Blessings 💙🦋💙

[08/07/20]   Don't forget, I will be live Sunday at 8pm AEST for the weekly Tarot Reading. 💙🦋💙

A box of lovely roses in shades of purple for you today. Shaped like a heart to send love to everyone. 💙🦋💙

You are beautiful inside and out no matter what your size is. If you wish to change that because of health concerns or to make yourself happy, then do so, but don't ever waste your time caring what others think. It's none of their business and not their life to live. Make you happy, not others. Blessings 💙🦋💙

A giggle for your Friday lol. 💙🤣💙

This is more of a public service announcement than anything, but it's important enough to post for you to see. Blessings 💙🦋💙

Sending love and light to everyone this chilly, wet Friday. Blessings 💙🦋💙

A Teal Butterfly's cover photo

Gorgeous red roses in a blush pink box for you today. 💙🦋💙

I was just guided to post this as someone needs to see that there is still beauty in the world. There definitely is, and you will find it in the least expected places. This is a photo of a blue hydrangea, taken from inside the flower looking up to the Sun. This is the view from what the hydrangea sees as it seeks the warmth and life from the Sun. The delicate beauty of the Sun filtering through the petals of the flower is breathtaking. This is Mother Nature's way of showing us that no matter what happens, beauty still exists in the world. Blessings 💙🦋💙

We all have the power to be the light for those around us. We just have to remember to turn on the switch. Shine bright like the Diamonds you are! Blessings 💙🦋💙

A giggle for your Thursday lol. 💙🤣💙

As we move past the recent Full Moon, today's advice comes from her today. Blessings 💙🦋💙

Happy Thursday! Let's have a cuppa and a little sweet treat and celebrate. Blessings 💙🦋💙

A Teal Butterfly's cover photo

Lavender roses for you today. 💙🦋💙

A giggle for your Wednesday lol. 💙🤣💙

This is the perfect list of things to do today and everyday. In the end, no matter what is going on in the world, it's all about Faith. Blessings 💙🦋💙

It may be really cold but we can still have a great day! Blessings 💙🦋💙

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