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TEOXANE Laboratories Geneva

What if you could get rid of those fine lines just above your lips ?


Find out how to achieve your desired lips on

[11/08/19]   Dr. Karen Oswald @ Regenesis Tues 12th Nov
Weight Management Ph 72258810
Clearly there is no single approach to weight management that works for everyone!
Dr. Karen Oswald can provide individually tailored and medically supported programmes to help “kick start” loss and maintain healthy weight long term.
While adequate sleep, exercise, and activity are very important for your metabolism and well- being, it is crucial to restrict calorie intake in some way in order to achieve weight loss. Some of our solutions include intermittent fasting, meal replacements, medications, HCG diet, VLCD and vitamin support.
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[11/08/19]   Hormone Therapy with Dr. Karen Oswald @ Regenesis Tues 12th Nov Ph 72258810
The use of hormone supplements is often in the news, and it can be difficult to keep a perspective on the real risks and benefits as we currently understand them. Hormones can be bio-identical, synthetic, or promoted via use of peptides. Hormone therapy can be used to enhance performance of athletes, regulate changes from ageing, and even removed due to their effects on some cancers (especially breast and prostate cancer). Hormone therapy may be useful for both men and women to maintain health and quality of life.
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Lutronic // LaseMD

Clarify & Renew your skin!!

The ideal Cosmeceutical Delivery System which is the method or process of delivering revitalising compounds deep within the skin to improve overall ageing and damaged skin

Major Indications:
*Wrinkle Reduction * Anti Ageing *Brightening *Melasma *Pigment Reduction *Skin Laxity *Scar Reduction

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Womens Health // This is something we take very seriously here at Regenesis!!

Whether its weight gain, incontinence, fatigue, hormone related issues and the list goes on.. We can target your main health concerns with a range of different methods

Dr. Karen is our resident womens health specialist - Formulating treatment plans that work for you and your body!!

With a range of different treatments such as but not limited to:
- The "O" shot
- Vitamin Infusions
- Biomedical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Call 7225 8810 for an appointment!
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~ Medik8 White Balance Brightening Serum ~

Radiant skin is just a click away. This silky serum contains a blend of 10 carefully chosen actives, including patented oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R) technology, to improve uneven skin tone and boost the overall appearance of sun-damaged skin.

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- Universkin P Serum -

Universkins treatments are founded on a revolutionary skincare base, Universkin™ P Serum - A cosmeceutical formula integrating camelina oil, Vitamin E and biomimetic peptides. Its structure allows for the integration of up to 3 pure active ingredients adapted to your unique skincare needs.

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- Mesoestetic Radiance DNA -

Global-acting anti-aging line designed to treat signs and symptoms characteristic of advanced aging. Protects and repairs cell DNA, preventing future damage and slowing down premature aging.

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Lactic Hydration & LED Light Facial
30mins $60
Give your skin a boost of hydration!
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Happy Mother's Day to all those special Mum's!

& Regenesis also says thank you to all the woman out there who take on that role, without a formal day of recognition.
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Regenesis Aesthetics+Wellness coming soon.
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Hollywood Laser Peel Treatment

Hollywood Laser Peel @ Regenesis
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Featuring Lutronic Spectra XT

Hollywood Laser Peel - Dr OZ
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Jan Marini

Did you know May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? Antioxidant rich C-Esta Serum and both of our broad spectrum sunscreens rejuvenate and protect your skin! This skin essential duo is this week's Spring Skin Event Raffle prize! Enter to win and find a participating event here: #janmarini #25yearsoftransforminglives #wednesdaywisdom #springskinevent #spring #beauty #event #transformyourbeautyroutine #skin #skincare #skincareobsessed #professionalskincare #protectyourskin #skincancerawarenessmonth #sunscreen #vitaminc #raffle #giveaway


CosBeauty eNews 03 May 2019 | Cosmetic Injectables | Viva Glam! | r-Retinoate Intense -

Regenesis cosmetic surgery has the only Lasemd laser in Adelaide. New protocols by Dr Chok since 2017 have allowed wider applications of this amazing technology especially when coupled with the spectra Laser

Treat ALL skin types and get great results with LUTRONIC's LaseMD - Thulium 1927 nm non-ablative laser! 👉 #LaseMD #LaseMDforMe #AllSkinTypes #AllSkinColors #Laser #LUTRONIC #FDAcleared #LaserForAllSkincolors #NoDowntime

Woman's face left covered in blisters after botched plastic surgery

Be careful where you go and who you choose for any procedures! These are not just beauty treatments. Long term complications can follow. Everyone is an Expert until Disaster Strikes! WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES The patient's skin was burnt from the inside out after she had a face tightening procedure

WATCH this space, coming soon at REGENESIS!
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Ultherapy Australia

Using time-tested ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally without surgery, Ultherapy helps achieve a fresher, more youthful look with REAL results.

See REAL before and after Ultherapy results for yourself at

Anti Ageing flash ampoules is an intensive anti ageing treatment for all skin types that acts globally against the signs of skin ageing and provides an immediate anti-fatigue and lifting effect.
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This $389 night cream sold out in 12 hours flat

Available at Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery Want to know what all the fuss is about?

Dr Robin Chok

Platelet Rich Plasma Tecnology- Couldn't have said it better myself!
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TRANSCEND the evidence of time with Medik8's best ever anti-ageing product. r-Retinoate Intense is an all-in-one night cream that enriches skin with the pure power of transformation.
The sumptuous night cream is infused with ceramides and drone-targeted peptides which penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. A revolutionary blend of retinyl retinoate and crystal-stabilised retinaldehydewhere the active ingredients profoundly retexturise and visibly restore the appearance of beautiful skin.

*No Artificial Fragrance
*No Synthetic Colours
*Paraben Free
*No Phthalates
*Vegan Friendly
*Alcohol Free
*Cruelty Free
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Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery & Regenesis Aesthetic + Wellness

Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery

CELLULIShock by Mesoestetic

*Treatments for all types of cellulite with lipolytic action. • With vasculoprotective properties to increase venous tone, it reduces capillary permeability to improve micro-circulation.

Caffeine. Activates fatty acid metabolism. Regulates lipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis.

Troxerutin. Strengthens the vascular wall. Reduces capillary permeability.

Capsaicin. Increases micro-circulation. Draining action.

Carnitine. Stimulates the mobilisation and degradation of fatty acids. Lipolytic action.
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Ph 72258810

*Medik8 Activated Charcoal Refining Mask serves as a weekly booster to help refine, clarify and revitalise the skin.
*The bamboo charcoal powder transforms into a cooling gel that can be quickly and easily spread across the face.
Available at Regenesis.
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Do you want to have beautiful, glowing skin, but you're worried about the downtime? Worry no more! LUTRONIC LaseMD can give you that glow, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots with NO DOWNTIME! #LaseMdForMe #LaseMD #Lutronic #LaseMDGlo

As a DMK clinic, Regenesis can assist with all your skincare requirements.
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A little bit terrifying, we know...sometimes life throws unexpected situations at us that we can’t control!!😧😵
Fortunately for Scott, we could help heal his burns⛑🔥🙏🏽
“I had finished work and headed down to to our block to burn a pile of trees which had been cleared for when we intend to build a house. As I lit the fire it ignited at rapid pace, severely burning my arm and face. On the third day my face swelled up and was still weeping from where the skin was severely burnt. It was red and raw in some patches and very brown and crisp in others. My lips were extremely sore, and I had lost hair and my eyebrows. I did not recognise myself when I looked in the mirror. I was afraid I would be left with severe scarring.

My fiancé has worked with DMK for over 15 years, and swears by it. She was confident that DMK ‘Beta Gel’ would help with the healing of my burns. My skin was so sensitive that everything, even water would sting, but I persisted and allowed her to apply the products 3 times a day. I am so thankful I did! Over the next week my skin continued to heal, and on day 7 she applied the DMK Enzyme treatment. The results have been truly amazing! Even the doctors and nurses commented on how great my skin was healing - with no visible scars. Thank you DMK!!” —Scott, QLD.

If you don’t have a bottle of Beta Gel in your First Aid Kit, we highly recommend you put one in!! It’s healing powers are truly amazing!! #dmkskin #ifounddmk #burnvictim

3D Biomatrix Facelift - Aesthetic Medical Practitioner

Most sophisticated technique of Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Therapy Developed In house by Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery

#prp#vampirefacelift#regenprp Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an ideal bio-accelerator and cellular coordinator for tissue repair. However, PRP on its own can be limited in the amount of cellular biostructure created. When [...]

On the behalf of Dr Chok and the team at Regenesis, we would like to thank all of our beautiful clients for your support this year. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2019. We are closed from 22nd of December 2018, and reopens on the 3rd of January 2019. For all bookings, please email us on [email protected]


We are in the middle of the holiday social whirl. Is your skin ready for all of those party selfies? If the answer is no, not to worry. You still have time for NO DOWNTIME - LUTRONIC Spectra Hollywood Laser Peel! 👉
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@ Regenesis we don't want you to overuse and just waste your products!
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*Give the Perfect Gift this Christmas
with a Regenesis Gift Voucher!
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Christmas Gift Vouchers available @ *Regenesis*
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*Unlock the key to Rejuvenated Skin*

An ultra-hydrating, crystal-clear serum that sinks effortlessly and rapidly into skin, providing you with the very best in anti-ageing technology. As the lightweight serum is massaged into the skin, the 30% peptide complex starts its multi-faceted approach to rejuvenating the skin. Collagen and elastin production is boosted, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the skin’s natural stores of hyaluronic acid are elevated. Skin is left soft-to-touch, deeply hydrated and ultimately more youthful-looking.$98
#drchok #peptides #rejuvenation #hydration

Always insist on the original Hollywood Spectra Laser Peel! There can only be one!

Remember...If it is not a SPECTRA Hollywood Laser Peel, it is not the real deal! Lutronic has a proprietary carbon lotion that was designed especially for the Spectra Laser. If you are looking for the REAL celebrity Hollywood Laser Peel, Make sure it is Lutronic Spectra!

Tricks of the trade to achieve that perfect LaseMD GLO!

Just one of the special features of LUTRONIC's LaseMD is the proprietary Precise Roller Tracking System. Magnetic rollers and tracking system ensure even, safe distribution of laser energy, leading to consistent, effective results. 👉


We love our LaseMD laser especially to get that Glow!!

"Finally, the LaseMD from Lutronic came along. This machine has become very popular in Asia and Europe and was FDA approved in the US in the summer of 2017. This laser has the best of all worlds. It has a wide range of settings, allowing a low-energy no-downtime treatment (called the LaseMD Glo!) comparable to “Clear and Brilliant.” It has the high-energy settings allowing it to perform a full resurfacing treatment comparable to “Fraxel.” And it has everything in between to allow us to cater the treatment to different purposes and skin types. Finally, it was specially designed to deliver high-potency serums that penetrate into the skin to produce great results and faster healing. Honestly, I know it is going to sound silly, but I love this laser. My skin looks amazing after just one treatment. It is my 50th birthday gift to myself!"


Success Favors The Well Groomed - Just because it is #NoShaveNovember does not mean you can't prepare your skin to look your best for the upcoming holidays and events. ✔️ #LaseMD can be used on the entire face and neck without damage to hair follicles. 👉

Great Skin @ Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery!
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Lutronic LaseMD is a unique Thullium Laser that creates micropeeling of skin without any downtime. Particularly effective for acne scarring. Most lasers can damage follicles of hair or bleach the pigment of the hair. Smooth skin is just easier to achieve with LaseMD. It's also safe for anyone having isotretinoin Vitamin A oral therapy.

❓ Did you know that the majority of lasers cannot be used on the beard area of men? ❓ Many lasers can damage the hair follicle. ✔️ #LaseMD is unique because it can be used on the entire face and neck area of #men without damage to the facial hair.

*Give Your Skin the Red Carpet Treatment*
with the
*Hollywood Spectra Black Diamond Peel*

For glowing & radiant skin, with no downtime.

Treat yourself this Spring Carnival Season

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Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment - a non-invasive treatment using fluorescent light energy

Discover a non-invasive treatment designed to target rosacea signs and symptoms.
Kleresca® uses fluorescent light energy to stimulate the skin’s own repair mechanisms.

*Reduces inflammation, reducing the presence of papules and pustules
*Reduces erythema and blushing by improving microvascularisation
*Reduces the overall stress level of the skin, thereby reducing the feeling of burning and stinging
Induces a healing response, improving the overall skin quality.

#drchok #rosacea #sensitivity #sensitive #kleresca #redness

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